Unit selection/focusing questions

When I play China on water map, there are IOs, vills and fishing boats, they all possible to go idle.

  1. Would it be better to have multiple buttons for each? how many depend on civ and the unit you have.
    Because the intention to select idle vils, IOs are quite different.
  2. Do we have short cut to select all idle vills, but not select idle fishing boat?
  3. If i have bunch of idle vills near the Mill, and they get mixed with working vills doing farms nearby, how do I accurately select these idle ones?
  4. It is reasonble to make iter though unit “select only” in settings, to select militry building without focusing on them. But, if I do so, when I click the Imperial Officer button, it don’t focus on it. This is really annoying.
    How to select militry building without focus and select IO with focus?