Unit Size

Am I the only one who thinks that the units would play better in both immersionism and overall feel of grandeur if they were all scaled down a tad bit? As well as being able to zoom out a bit more and having bigger maps? or am I just crazy lol


I agree, it would be great if they zoomed out. Except for the maps, the ones I played had good sizes. Rememberthat there are several map sizes.

I also believe that an adjustment in the proportions of units and buildings is necessary.


I think the map sizes were good. I’d think the buildings should just be scaled up a little bit would be nice. If theres a DLC graphics pack like AOE 2 then they’ll have a further zoom out point.

zoom is a part of gameplay, you cant just seperate it with a DLC since that would give you an unfair advantage.


yeeah i think if they decrease the unit size by a little, it would make it feel more of the Age we know and love

In my opinion, the best proportion to enjoy gameplay is similar to SC2. The units shouldn’t be too small compared to the buildings so you can easily select them and the buildings shouldn’t be too big so you can more easily see your base layout at any time. This is not the most realistic approach, but to have more control about what you are doing during a battle is the way to go.


It actually seems like it’s already pretty close to Starcraft proportions

Not talking about realistic proportions (in which case starcraft is way worse) but just the general size of units in relation to buildings and the zoom level.

I say that building and units need to be in a realistic size, since the game is set in medieval era, that respect history.

It is not like Starcraft, where you invent units and buildings, that do not exist and set size like you want.

If you see weard stuff that don’t folow history, you will just lose interess.

It is like puting a car in the game, it will be game breaker because you know it is not supose to be there, unless you use cheat code.

When units and buildings are out of proportion, it is game breaker.

When siege weapons move, assemble and fire by it self, it is game breaker.

When weapons and projectile are out of proportion, it is game breaker.

The game expectation are more higth then a Starcraft game.

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all this chat , post , discussions , for nothing , relic will not change anything


in my opinion units need to be a bit oversized so we can easily identify them without having to zoom in.

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I do care for your opinion, but it will feal game breaker for me to see giant people hit buildings.

It will feal like gient chess pions figthing each other and i will feal to close to play game

I will need to zoom out to make game playable, has i see buildings and units the same level.

There will also be alot of space between buildings, making the game ridiculus spaced to play.

The wall will need to be massif, to put units on it.

Has i see it, maybe we should ask the developper to had a readability option for players.

You could up-scale or down-scale your units at wish, at the cost of spacing every thing on the map.

Like this, every one get what they want and we can play each other like we wish.

Return to the proportions of AoE1 has been a Big visual fail, but as somebody said… devs are not going to change It. Is better to forget this Game for us.

I agree with you, some buildings are smaller than a soldier.

Agreed, in my opinion it should be scaled down, but i don’t know how bad it would be for the readability despite thinking that wouldn’t change much.

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When I make posts about that always get people attacking me lol this forum does not help to have them hearing our opinion to improve the game

I hope your all happy, Now units are so small I am having trouble clicking them. Beta build was 10 times better for size and clicking. I agree they needed to be a tiny bit smaller but they are about 50% smaller in this release build. Man it’s so frustrating trying to click single grouped villagers. I am living with it but I really dont like it.

11111111 Nothing related to unit size changed my friend , the reason why you can’t click properly is due to the hitbox.