Unit sounds are often muted in combat

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34055.0 4495784)
  • Platform (Steam)


Unit sounds are often muted in combat, which means, that combat is very weird. You see units fighting on screen, but because of missing sounds it feels unnatural.

It seems, that often some fighting sounds are not played. For example I hear only a couple of sword clash sounds in big melee fight, while in previous builds I heared many of them and really felt the brutalness of big combat. Now I am most of the time pretty much watching silent film. I didn’t test many units, but scorpions also had muted sounds. Arbalesters were okay though.


I can confirm I have been experiencing these similar sound issues too, where I can only hear a few units and the rest of the units are muted, I personally noticed it with villagers when some were mining and some chopping wood, the ones mining made no sounds whatsoever. I could only hear villagers chopping wood, everything else was muted. But I did later notice the sound issues in combat too, so few sounds play and so much is muted.


Some sounds are still mute, from time to time the sounds of blows of swords or bow and battering ram are mute.


Same problem here! Some unit sounds are played intermittently and most of the times they just don’t play. Even villagers sounds (for example chopping down trees or mining) are intermittent or missing, whereas archers shooting and projectiles hitting buildings are always played. As an example: I can’t hear a trebuchet shooting but I can hear the projectile hitting the target.

I have Conexant SmartAudio HD as driver. I tried to update the driver but nothing changed.


I have the same problem!!!

I have the problem too. Let’s hope the developers fix this soon.

You can solve this by enabling vsync


Thank you very much for this tip. Indeed, enabling v-sync seems to fix muted sounds problem. Hopefully this information helps developers fix this issue for everybody, so enabling v-sync would not be necessary :slight_smile:

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Thank you, this works for me too!

Hopefully enabling v-sync won’t become official solution to the problem…