Unit Train Time added to UI--Feature Request

It would be nice to see unit train time added as a displayed statistic on the unit UI.

Mods were created on legacy to display this statistic, and I found it valuable to know how quickly your unit will train and if cards/upgrades affect the train time of certain units.

Thanks for the considerable improvements already added to the stat UI compared to legacy.

Minor suggestion: Please revert back to the legacy music/sound when revolting (it was much more exciting). :slight_smile:


Another benefit of showing the unit train time stat is for strategy design. For example, one of the downsides to building mercenary based armies (Sweden) is that they have significantly longer train times compared to the unit(s) they most resemble.

Sometimes when under pressure I want to spam the fastest training counter unit, but don’t know which I should be clicking.

There is really no downside to adding this vital statistic to the unit UI.