Unit voicelines are so immersive but I don't know what they mean

So the AoE4 units speak and talk during battle etc. This was shown in trailers also so I’m not breaking NDA.

The speaking and talking is very immersive and in my opinion and I enjoy it a lot. However, i kinda want to know what their statements mean…

Would be fun to know what they are saying… because it seems like it’s more complicated from “attack”. They seem to be more like complete sentences.


So for the english they’re simply speaking an older form of english.
Here’s an example from a famous poem from those times: Sir Gawain and the Green knight

Almost feels like a different language but you can understand a few words as they’ve lived on as english evolved.

Yup I get that it’s old english. As the game evolves it becomes almost like today’s English in the late game.

I’m sure someone will make a YouTube video with the sentences and their translations for all civs. That will be fun.

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Microsoft has never published transcripts of what units say in different languages and that has been true since AoE:I.

However, given that for AoE:IV Microsoft claims they’re aiming for a “documentary” style, I do think it’d be a good idea to release all voice lines along with the game’s public release and the respective translation. Granted, it’s probably no easy feat to translate some of those old languages 1:1 to English.


someone on youtube will undoubtedly do it