United States Legion cards

I’ve been taking a look and doing some studying on the history for the legion cards available to the US. And while I like some of them, they aren’t actually…correct. Lee’s legion is probably the best designed, although I hope they give the age 2 carbineer a unique skin based off of the real Lee’s legion. But the rest of them don’t really make sense–Pulaski was polish, and his legion was made up of Dragoons, infantry, and interestingly, lancers. While I understand not wanting another shipment of dragoon (Lee’s Legion, Armands Legion), shipping uhlans is not at all accurate. Armands Legion did have dragoons so I’m ok with it, although I think they need some type of buff–I’m also willing to put aside Washingtons Legion being inaccurate, but only because all grenadiers are inaccurate in aoe3. The worst case is actually Kovats Legion, and that is because, while he helped train the United States hussars and even modeled them after the Hungarian cavalry, he never had a legion; in reality he was part of Pulaski’s. Pulaski and Kovat both had big parts in creating the and training the American cavalry–they’re even called the fathers of American cavalry–so I think there is a better way to showcase this fact and make the legion cards more interesting at the same time.

Lee’s Legion: Now, other than the carbineer needing nerfs, this card is fine, but I would ask for a unique age 2 skin for them.

Armands Legion: Like I said shipping dragoons are fine, but to make them interesting, I’m thinking you could give them speed or range premotions–maybe even just make them start with more RR.

Pulaski’s Legion: We saw in the pup that they had assets for Polish lancer units, so I suggest Pulaski’s Legion should ship and enable some version of those. There was only one company of lancers in the Legion so to represent that, you would give them some kind of build limit (like 15-20). And to represent Pulaski’s training of the States cavalry, I would also suggest this card buff your hand cavalry with a bit of speed and damage.

Washington Legion: Based off of the 26th Continental regiment, this card can be rather good in team games, but not really any other time (although I still enjoy using them [actually I think I’m the only one who does]). My first suggestion would be a unique skin based off of what they actually look like (fancy brown coats and such), and I would definitely suggest a buff for them–some of the members of the regiment actually fought all the way back at the battle of bunker hill, so my immediate thought is upping their hp, or even giving them more RR. But if we want to go crazy with it, I will really suggest making them the first actual Grenadiers, taking away their grenade launchers, and instead making them something more like a soldado, but with RR and no hand attack multi vs cav (but keeping the area hand attack). Overall, I think this would be more interesting but if you don’t like it we’ll go with my first idea.

Kovats Legion: As I said, not a real thing–would rename it but you could still have it send a few Magyar hussars, although not enable them at the fort. Other than that I would make it buff your hussars with some kind of hp boost (because he did train the hussars based on the hungarian style), or maybe some kind or HR+RR, but with an increased cost (+20%) and train time; in a way just to kind of keep the Magyar hussar without actually having it.

I know this would be a good many buffs to the United States hussar, but it would take a lot of cards (some of which cost res) to get them to full potential–in the end it would be fun but I don’t think op. And it would be more historically accurate.


Lee’s legion does have an age 2 skin now.

Kovat’s legion being a legion I think is just to communicate that it’s the same type of card card as the others. Also yes the ulhans from pulaski’s legion should use lances but to be fair the regular ulhans should use lances as well.


Oh, that’s epic! I guess that was with the latest update?

Yeah, It’s from the most recent patch. It’s just a recolor of the age 3 skin but it still looks very close to the real uniform for Lee’s Legion.

Those are currently being used for the Eclaireur unit enabled by the French Revolution.

Aren’t those Giant Grenadiers? I know you mentioned RR and no melee mult vs cav but Giant Grens in-game are pretty close to what Grenadiers became in the later eras of the game. The first actual Grenadiers historically threw grenades in combat even into the mid-1700s.

Uhlans historically were a lancer type cavalry unit and were originally from Poland. So the reference lines up with Pulaski’s legion.

The cards should not be changed. They’re fun historical references and are balanced from a game perspective. AOE3 is not a history simulator; it’s a history-inspired game.


yes, all Uhlans should use a lance, but almost all cav with a spear are anti-infantry, except Crabats IRC

Yes they’d be something more like Giant grens, although I would definitely take away the area ranged attack, and give them a more standard range attack. A charged grenade throw could be cool, and they could use them to siege buildings. But their main weapon would be, well, a gun.

Ok that’s cool to know that it’s more accurate the. I thought. And I also didn’t realize that the design of uhlans was itself inaccurate. But Considering that pulaskis legion had one group of lancers, two troops of dragoons as well as some infantry, I still have to say I’d still like it to be a lanced (at least some kind of charged attack) unit.

I also have to disagree with your premise that it should not be changed because they’re balanced, while also nodding to historical facts. Maybe I just like trying new things, but I’m (as far as I know) never against changing things to be more historical, As long as it doesn’t make it Unbalanced (towards the op way). Changing these cards does not necessarily mean the balance will shift a lot, and depending on how many nerfs US will get, it may actually be good if these cards are changed in a way that actually improves them—or at least makes them last longer then a one time shipment.