United States unlock event is just unbelievably bad and broken. Needs a complete rework

After many years I was excited to finally jump into AoE III properly, something I never did despite preordering DE and owning previous edition for some reason. Enjoy some skirmish and get a free DLC, I was motivated.

But oh boy did this thing turned out to be a frustrating mess. Here’s some of the issues I’ve encountered:

  1. Progress is saved maybe 10% of the time. It’s a total lottery. I’ve managed to save progress on Delaware after 3 attempts, but after trying the next challenge for 3 times it never saved. I was plugged into Xbox account all the time, so it’s not the reason for this behavior.

  2. There’s no way to tell if a challenge is complete or if you even playing a game eligible to completion of it. It says you can play tchallenges in multiplayer too, but I don’t think anyone managed to figure out how. The best way is to start with skirmish settings the game offers and don’t change anything.

  3. Challenges rules aren’t explained properly. “Build 50 native warriors” it said. And that’s it. But did you know that only Trade Post native warriors count? There are only 15 that can be built so you are forced to genocide them (ironic). You can’t start game as Lacota and build 50 units in the barracks. Why isn’t it explained? I’ve managed to complete this challenge after several attempts but the progress didn’t save and that was the final straw to me.

The way I see it this event has to be completely reworked and relaunched. It’s completely broken.

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I have encountered these issues too. The progress for my 1st day attempt has been lost, but now is completely fine. Also, it is hard to track the mission progress and some of the mission is quite boring.

I dont think it is reasonable to ask the dev do a relaunch, however they should have learnt something on our feedback. I am sure African expansion would be better.

Challenges only occupy 5 mins per day to complete to complete

  • It doesnt say that u have to win a game !
  • It doesnt say what difficulty level to use !
  • It doesnt say how long you have to play !
  • It doesnt fic the starting resources !

EX: if it say to collect most gold, just start as dutch, and assign enemy as some civ that doesnt have gold crates from start ans as soon as you are done with crates u can resign

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