Units and heal, how to show and affect gameplay

I was thinking about maybe not put a healt bar on units.

Maybe show units healt in a new way?

Maybe show units whit his body and armor, on the UI of units selection.

Each part of body/armor is colored from green (max heal/intact), yellow (hurt/damaged), red (mager injury/broken).

We could see the affected body part on the batlefield.

Like if a leg is critical injured, it will show red in the unit UI and we will see the units on the batlefield moving slower, trying to move his broken leg.

We could even make the unit crawl, if the 2 legs are broken.

A arm broken make him unable to uuse weapon/ shield.

We could see damaged armor on units and see broken armor part fall from units.

You really do want to turn AoE into a medieval simulator


Told ya

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no, not a medieval simulator, XD

I don’t want to play in, first person, has a medieval knigth on a batlefield, to swing my sword to cut out units bloody limbs and see them suffer on the ground.

I am giving more a exemple of a idea, open to talks.

Starcraft already show unit state, whit UI of damaged unit part, whit also a hp bar.

I don’t know why age of empire 4 could not be using this feature also.

At the same time, we could see damaged units behave diferent on the batlefield, to avoid the ugly hp bar on units and to allow players to select the hurt units, allowing the player to retreat the units out of enemy attack.

I was not talking about complet detructible units, even if it would be cool to see it.

Doesn’t sound like a very fun mechanic as all units that would have gotten their legs damaged would just be dead as they couldn’t run from the enemy anymore.


True, people hate buff that alter units in a bad way.

It is bad for your army. XD

But, I still think it is a fun mecanic, to see hurt units move slow.

It will allow players to see fast hurt units on the batlefield, compare to units in full healt.

It will allow a deeper game experience.

Some medieval tactic include rotating troops on the batlefield.

People will need to prepare a few groups of units and be sure to have some healers.

You send a line of units to figth for a time, then you send a second line of trops and make the first line retreat and carry wonded to the healers.

Like this, you avoid to let your skill figthers dying on the batlefield and always have fresh troops figthing.


Any way, i am not sure that developper can show units losing limbs.

i was more thinking about a weard walking, because of wonded limbs.

The slow movement was just a extra option.

Honestly, that would just be inconvenient over anything. Seems cool on the outside, but realistically I don’t think that would be good for readability or gameplay.


Wire framing on individual units is good in sc2 but aoe4 doesn’t even have individual units showing on group selection. It is also not confirmed whether this will change or not.

As for realistic unit damage, obviously not happening in aoe4 (unless modded) and probably will never be implemented in an RTS ever. Good for a realism simulator but not for real time strategy gameplay.

With 24 days to go, we should probably limit discussions to topics that will benefit final development.

You don’t want a medieval simulator yet you say this

I’ve been playing since aoe 1 and it’s not the kind of mechanic I want to see in aoe series. I think most fans don’t either.


Sorry but these are terrible ideas.

Looking at your posts it seems you really want AoE to be something completely different than what it is.

Pretty much all of these ideas are needlessly complicated, gimmicky, and would be incredibly annoying in a competitive RTS.


All is fine, it is not like if i was one of the developper of the game.

I will not change any thing and is on lunch soon, any way.

I was only trying to find new cool stuff, that we could had to the game and make it easy for people, to see units statut on the batlefield.

I played alot of video game and I loved age of empire series, whit a few down side i have seen:

  • Age of empire online (i just don’t like it, sorry)
  • That i could no longuer hide my buildings behind tree in age of empire 2. (Some people needed to modify game to win)
  • That age of empire 3 zoom level was way too close, to be playable
  • That every building is a cube in Age of Empire 4, whit a map generator that make maps whit circle terrain and resourcess. (Players do not need to explore to know where every thing is, players can have deduction of the map, by just a circle of the scout around the base.)

I lose interess about age of empire series over time, community became too toxic to have fun, always seing people talk trash, after wining, losing, befor match or in game. XD

Game became all about competitive ability to build like the top players, has fast has possible, whit no creativity or mistake allowed. (new people did not have the chance to be accepted by community and where reduced into trash by other players, because of their low score, for ranked match, unranked match and for mod game.)

Game became boring to always do the same perfect build, where the only strategy was that perfect build.(That was much the last reason i stop playing age of empire)

Age of empire 4 is folowing up the same patern of the series, for the best and for the worst.

Only trying to give a litle love for the game, it will need alot. XD

Can’t you see enemy units if they are behind trees? So technically, they aren’t hidden

I may be wrong though, haven’t played DE in a while

Maybe i am wrong also, i played custom map whit a friend and tree where tiny.

Maybe it was a mod…

Also, maybe i do want a medieval simulator, since aoe4 is a medieval simulator in its own way.

We actualy play a fictive medieval simulator whit aoe 4.

  • I think it is a good idea, to alter units animation, has healt go down.

  • A negative buff can also had a twist.

The two idea will only give more immersion to the game.

Tiny trees is a mod, you shouldn’t be seeing tiny trees if you don’t have the mod activated

Not really

Well, we do use medieval units to figth each other, has we recreate batle in the medieval way.

Look like a medieval figth simulator to me.

We also ask our civilian to gather resource and build stuff, like in real life. XD

I do not see wy not show unit healt by mak8ng them tilt a litle.

We do not need a theatral hurt animation, only something that can tell player that units os hirt or almost dead. XD

It this comparable to Bannerlord? Didn’t think sow

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