Units become neutral after conversion, crash after destroying a wonder

Hi there!

A couple of bugs we have encountered so far.

:bangbang: First one. IMO this one is critical. :bangbang:
After the successful conversion AKA “Wololo” units become neutral if monk is killed at the very same moment the conversion is complete. It happened two times to me and my friend. Here is the same thing happening for other guy, who streamed the game.

Looks like the game is checking the side of conversion after the one is complete. Due to the monk being dead the game is unable to get his ID or whatever and assigns neutral side to the convereted units.

Second bug is connected with “neutral” units as well.
Our ally built a Wonder. It was almost destroyed but the guy who was attacking the wonder suddenly left the game. His units became neutral but continued to fire. The moment the wonder was destroyed by neutral units, every single player on the map was kicked out of the game with “Critical Scar error” displayed on the screen.

Thanks @GothicBro! I’ve logged this so we can track it internally. We appreciate the report!

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