Unit's death animation keeps drawing ranged fire

Arrows (and other ranged weapons) keep firing on units for the duration of their death animation, which in some cases takes a good 2-3 seconds.

Towers, archers, etc. should automatically target another unit right when the death animation starts, not when it ends.

This is mostly noticeable with towers, keeps, TCs, etc firing on enemy units. I often get keeps firing on a scout while it falls from the horse and contorts and only until it’s really, fully, totally dead it switches to a different target.

Even if you micro like crazy this is a problem, especially with the lackluster re-targeting of defensive structures as implemented in AoE IV.

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Your empire wants to make sure their really dead. You don’t want to risk zombies or something do you???

I think this was brought up on the bugs forum as well. A fair amount of users mentioned it only ends up being a real issue early in game, but i get the frustration too. Right now you need to micro manage to negate the effect and it’s annoying. I think this is something we should continue to be vocal about. I don’t think anyone has a good reason to oppose your viewpoint.

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Agreed. It’s a minor issue compared to all the other stuff that needs addressing, but I wanted this to be documented.

Villagers have 2 or 3 different death animations and one of them is insanely long. They fall on their knees, grab their chest and stay there and contort for a while and finally die. All the while my outpost keeps firing arrows at them while 2 bombards have a field day. If by sheer luck I’m overseeing that outpost and I retarget, it doesn’t react immediately or ignores my command completely.

PD: We still don’t have zombies but we have villagers zapping to the next dimension when they die on water.