Units freeze when attack target dies

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So when microing, units that are supposed to be moving towards the from the back that are also supposed to be attacking the targeted units just stops moving and pauses for a bit and then seems to cancel all their previous orders, ie they stop moving towards the area that they were order to move there before and either just stay there or attack something else.

This is similar to the animation cancel problem, but I atleast expect them to keep moving

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. select a group of unit to attack an enemy unit
  2. select another group to do the same but maybe further away
    3.when the enemy unit dies, the further away group will just stop

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Its a bot game but it shows up often when I select cav from all over the map to converge on a fight
Record Game.age3Yrec (11.7 MB)


Hmm, I’m not actually so sure whether this is a bug or a positive change.

Would I rather have my units follow the path as a waypoint and randomly throw themselves into the middle of enemy army like before, or would I rather have them consistently stop the action completely when the target is no longer valid?

I think this is going to prevent a lot of unit suiciding.

They should continue attack move to the last position of their dead target, not walk blindly in or randomly stop. It is very annoying to see my reinforcements stopped somewhere along the way because their original target got killed.


Yeah, entering proper attack move mode (unlike how it worked before) would probably be the best option here.

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the problem really comes with skirm and ranged unit micro.

Cause say I take a mass of range units and targeting an enemy unit at the back. after the target dies, the entire group kinda freeze for a bit before going back to normal ai firing mode. During that few seconds they just stand there and take fire or don’t chase after enemy units that are in range.

Yeah it’s really annoying because I have to give reinforcements 999+ orders to come instead of microing in big fights and that’s not how the game is supposed to work.

Heey guys, thanks for making this report and providing your feedback. We’re aware of potential negative side effects a recent change may have had on reinforcing armies. We’re looking into coming up with a good solution :+1:.