Units Icons and Team Colors

You know how the images of unit icons have that transparency where the team colors are supposed to fill those parts in? How exactly can I do that in the way the game does that?

I’m a mod at the AoE Wiki, and I want to make sure the best images are being used. How can I get the best of both worlds by say… getting the 128x128 unit icon image and having the team color part filled in? How does the game do that? And/or how can I do that?

Just solved this problem few days ago by one of my friends.
Here are the steps:

  1. Open the extracted .png file in Photoshop
  2. Layer > Layer Mask > From Transparency
  3. Porperties panel > Mask > Density set to 0%


Yeeeeaahhh I’m kind of lost on this one. How does this fill in the part of the image that’s transparent? I don’t want to just fill in spots with solid colors, I want the full image the way the game itself shows it.

I’m also using Photoshop 2020 so I don’t know if it looks the same as what your friend uses.

Edit: Yeah, just did the density thing. It changed absolutely nothing.

^ Look at this annoying transparency here. Yeah, I don’t want that.

Creat the layer mask FROM TRANSPARENCY, not just click the mask botton on layer panel. FROM TRANSPARENCY is under the Layer Mask menu of Layer menu.
I use Photoshop 2020 too, that works and I’ve got all portraits with shades at those transparent parts.

This is the disciple portrait I got. (Wait, what you post is the older version portrait, where did you extract from? The new portraits are in UIresources.bar

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The PC I was using had that “From Transparency” option greyed out for some reason, but my PC had everything work just fine.

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