Units not responding to commands in real time

While playing through the Mongol & Rus campaign’s upon loading of the mission units will carry out a full action before responding to the next. For example, I click somewhere for them to move and then do another click elsewhere to reposition them they will carry out the first action completely before then carrying out the second click. Its like shift-clicking is on permanently.

Its infuriating because it means I can’t respond in real time to whatever is happening since they are carrying out commands completely.

I have to close and reopen the game to fix this issue.

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Yes… I got similar issue … i tell a unit to move there… well they just don’t move until i do multiple clicks… this is not good… i paid the game full price…

Try tapping both of the shift keys if that happens again. It sounds like the game might think you are holding one of them down, which would cause it to queue orders instead of override them.