Units randomly ignore move command and attack enemies instead

Game Version:

  • Build: discovered on version 34055, I think it’s in all patches of DE so far
  • Platform: Steam


When ordering ranged military units to move to another location by right clicking, (a few of) the units sometimes abruptly stop moving and start attacking an enemy that is within their range. I kept clicking the right mouse button to get them moving again. This happened multiple times in a campaign level, where the AI has ranged units that are spread out and are controlled individually, so there was plenty of space for my units to continue moving unimpeded. Later, I found the same behavior on melee units (without range) in a level of another campaign, so the problem is not only for ranged units.

Reproduction Steps:

I encountered this problem multiple times in a campaign level, I don’t know how specific or wide-spread it is. I would suspect it is a general problem. But here are the steps that leaded to this in the campaign level:

  1. Start the last level of the Bayinnaung campaign on hard.
  2. Take all the army that starts near the castle on the east of the map, move to the closest wonder where Bayinnaung needs to medidate (kill and destroy resistance) and then move west and turn north, take out the two castles in range of the second wonder with the trebs and then park your army at the south-east side directly next to the second wonder where Bayinnaung needs to medidate.
  3. Yellow and purple will constantly send waves of units from the north towards the second wonder. Yellow will send several ranged units that close in towards the second wonder to attack your army.
  4. Select a group of a handful of Arambai (on agressive or defensive stance, I don’t remember) and task them to move beyond the enemy ranged units by standard right-clicking on the map, such that they will walk in between the enemy ranged units (in order to fight from up close with higher accuracy, or to take out a few monks further ahead).
  5. Observe how the Arambai sometimes randomly stop and start throwing darts at enemy units in range well before reaching the commanded destination.

I just tried to reproduce this behavior in the campaign and made a short clip of this. In the clip you see how a part of the group ignores the move command 3 times between 00:05 and 00:09 and once around 00:27.

Yesterday (on the hotfixed version) I saw the same bug with a few pikemen on the third level of the Joan of Arc campaign.


I’ve noticed this with a group of paladins as well. Not sure what triggers the ‘loss of focus’. I’ll send some paladins to raid behind the enemy lines, but many lose focus on the way and stop to fight. I end up right clicking the map a hundred times to keep them all moving.

I also had this problem with Paladins, playing online as Franks.

The pathing is so horrible at the moment, the units stop moving all of the sudden is the biggest problem.

Help pls … Same issues :’(

I think it might just be that aggressive stance behaves differently in DE and this issue may be fixable with the defensive stance.

It happens on the defensive stance as well. I had some crossbowmen on defensive near my tower and tasked them to move away because an enemy mangonel was incoming. I just commanded them to move away but just after clicking they stopped. This time I remember seeing a unit queue flag appear automatically on the moment they stopped, somewhere halfway between the units and where I had clicked them towards, although I had used a simple right click so no command queue did apply. I wonder whether the command queue has anything to do with it.

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Since the last update, this bug seems to be fixed with regard to paladins, but the problem remains with respect to scouts.