Units refuse to apply movement orders because a unit belonging to the group is dead behind walls

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  • GAME BUILD #: -1336182874 (souche)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I use Steam. I was on Live Discord. When I wanted to advance my archers, one of them was blocked by walls. They tried to regroup towards the solitary unit rather than going where I told them. Where it gets funny is when I delete the unit, I re-select the group. I tell them to go to the left. They take three steps and return to the right. They were obviously still linked to the dead archer behind the walls…

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Not so often

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

Create a unit group
One of the units must come out opposite the others, on the wrong side and be blocked by your buildings
Select your entire army
Make them move
Issue from BUG n1: they will refuse to move forward without the unit alone and will join it going in the opposite direction to your order
So delete the blocked unit
Give an order to the group
They will take three or four steps in the direction indicated then return to the blocked corpse!

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My units should advance wherever I tell them.
The blocked unit should try to move forward without causing everyone else to go back.
If I get rid of the unit, the others shouldn’t consider it still part of the group.

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Bug.aoe2record (3.5 MB)


lmfao this is some next level pathing

i’ve gotten my units killed by siege onagers so many times because of the new pathing AoE2 DE introduced like almost a year ago (i think) when the units have to form into a position, it’s even worse with warships at times because they take a longer distance while trying to regroup and considering Cannon Galleons take formation behind the rest of the “armada”, then it means they are the ones that will die because of this pathing, by traveling a kilometer away for no reason and getting destroyed by a tower, castle or other enemy warships.
It’s not really only because of unit group creation, it can also happen by moving units normally and it’s even worse if you use the patrol button, unimaginable things will happen if you experiment with the Stand Ground & Patrol buttons especially using ranged units. I’ve had fast fire ships shooting flames from the end of the map to the other corner while getting dragged backwards Lol.