Units removed from the control group by double-clicking

Hi there!
Due to the fact that it is not possible to fully customize the key bind using the settings in the game, I found out that it is possible to change the hotkeys by editing the keyBindingProfile. I really wanted to use Alt+1,2,3 keys to use 4,5,6 control groups. Selecting the group and adding new units to it works perfectly. However, there is an issue with focusing - when I try to focus the camera on one of these groups by clicking Alt+1\2\3 two times (just how I bonded it), the units\buldings get removed from that control group.
Focusing on other groups (Default bindings 1,2,3, etc.) works properly.
Has anyone encountered similar issues? Maybe there is a solution to this because I’m really used to controlling units by 1,2,3 and buildings by Alt+1,2,3.

Thank you for your patience in reading through all of this.

I can’t get alt as a modifer to work. Can’t alt+1,2,3 or any other number key. Can’t make alt + “anything” (any other key) work as a hotkey

There is a keyBinding config located in Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\keyBindingProfiles . You can edit one using something like a Notepad++.
I’ve managed to make Alt+1,2,3 and Ctrl+Alt+1,2,3 work, they add units to the groups and I can properly select them. The issue is with focusing on that group.

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Ahh, yes… Unfortunately the issue is that the same hotkey is being used to "make control group’ as well as “select/focus control group”.

For example, using the default hotkeys: “Control+1” to bind a control group and “Control+1” to select that group and “Control+1” x2 to focus that control group will not work as “Control+1” is already allocated to bind a control group.

When I set “Alt+1” to bind units to control group 4, it binds correctly and I am also able to select and focus the unit/s by double pressing “Alt+1”. However, if I try to rebind different units to control group 4 using “Alt+1”, the game just selects the unit/s already assigned to control group 4. So the only way to reasign something to control group 4 is to use the secondary combo option such as “Control+Numpad4” which is a pain.

Seem that you’ll need to use different keys to asign the number group and to select/focus the number group.

Just as I’ve stated in my previous message, I’ve managed to make Alt+1,2,3 (Select group) work as well as Ctrl+Alt+1,2,3 (Bind units to the control group). When I press Alt+1 it selects the group, and when I press Alt+1(2x) to focus the camera on the units in that group, the game does that, the camera indeed moves to their position. However, the group immediately gets unbound. And that is the issue.

To clear things out, the current config is
Alt+1,2,3 - select group 4,5,6
Ctrl+Alt+1,2,3 - add units to group 4,5,6
Alt+1,2,3 (x2) focus on group 4,5,6.

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Have replicated your issue. Definately seems like a bug. Very unexpectedly removes the control group. Allocating with control+alt+number works fine. Selecting with Alt+number works fine. Double tapping Alt+number focuses to unit location and removes the control group. No clear reason for this to happen. Hopefully devs can look into this and come up wtih a fix. I know they plan to add more hotkey support in the future but that’s a few months away. Work around in the mean time could be to bind “focus_selected” to space (from default F5 and change “focus_event_cue” to F5) and get used to pressing Alt+number and then space right after to focus. Still annoying though.

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Thank you for the workaround idea! I’ll try using that until the bug gets fixed.

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