Units stats including armor upgrades / damage upgrades

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I like the improvement to see how much armor upgrades the unit has, maybe it’s just me but I’m not sure if I like that you need to calculate the total stats yourself. Why not including it the same as the health works? You could then still see how much armor upgrades the unit has. How do you think about this?

Adding just for clarification, working exactly the same as health. I’m only interested in the total of these numbers.
Current for example: archer base damage + archers extra damage <> my unit ranged armor + extra ranged armor
Idea: archer total damage (>damage upgrades<) <> my unit total armor (>armor upgrades<)



I always did like seeing simply “+1” type stats, though, I haven’t paid attention to unit stats since launch, so it doesn’t matter much to me, but I’d love to see any improvements for those who like to check that sort of thing.

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Common, most aoe players passed kinder garden.

You can never make something simple enough without trying.

Knowing at a glance is probably nice for younger players.

haha true, and I’m happy to inform you I too passed kinder garden : )

When in the heat of the battle, I really dislike the fact I need to calculate to compare it to my units.
For example: archers base damage + archers extra damage <> my unit ranged armor + extra ranged armor

Seems to me a simple fix to have it all in line with how the health works? Don’t know why they make 2 seperate kind of approach.


Archers have the same dmg (except Longbow +1) So you just count the yellow numbers for addition.

It comes with the number of games you play. And you will mostly care about the yellow numbers.

For experts I agree, but I’m just a casual player who just want to know if it’s wisely to attack or not. I did not studied the base damage & armor output of units and I’m not planning to do so.
Maybe that’s the issue, it’s more made for experts while it makes it more difficult for other players. It makes it way to complex while it shouldn’t have to. What is mean is this:

Best of both worlds, everybody wins in my opinion :blush:


Agree with this, even if it’s just a small change, it would be great if the developers could let players individually choose how they want their unit data to be presented.

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