Units Stuck Inside Buildings

Game Version: AOE2 DE 101.101.33059.0 4403463

  • Build (####) i don’t know what “build” is, sorry
  • Platform: Steam


My scout got stuck inside the house and i had to delete the house for the scout to be able to move again

Reproduction Steps:

I think i sent the scout in a direction where the villager was building a house. The villager started building while the scout was in the tiles where the house was being constructed. Usually the units move out of the area before the vills start building, but this time it didn’t happen :confused:


Game Version:

  • Build 33315
  • Platform Steam

My units got stuck in the opponents wall when I just tried to sneak in while it was being built.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Opponent just quickly walling up
  2. Try to quickly move inside the walls with your units before the wall is complete
  3. Have units stuck in the wall and not able to get out anymore, but still able to attack nearby units and the wall itself
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