Unity Stance - No Attack

Ranged units will never be stealthy, they will always reveal their position because with the V they will attack whatever is 6 squares close, which is a long distance, the addition of No Attack would help with that.

In which key to place it

There is only one free space left in the Mangudai, in the letter G, and luckily all the ranged units have it free.

Except for siege units like the mangonel and bombard they have G for manual attack, I hope setting it to T won’t be too drastic (however it can be modified with remappable keys).

Melee units would almost never use that, but if it’s easier for developers to program it to all units, I think there’s no problem.


a no attack stance, good call, imo the lack of unit stances other than stand ground was the big problem of mine for a while, hopefully this is heard, it’d only be good for the game

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You do get used to units having a mind of their own. But, it doesn’t mean that it is good design. A no-attack stance was always needed in this game if you ask me. Yes, you can counteract units getting pulled into battle by settling them far away from everything, but it is such a meaningless little baby-sitting form of gameplay to force on players who can perfectly press a no-attack stance button.

You can’t neatly plan an attack by settting units in a risky position because their vision will always have them running around like headless chickens. Stand ground only works for melee units too, it just isn’t good enough.

I think the intention may be to narrow the gameplay down. Bad players will never use defensive stance. But, if there is no no-attack stance, everyone will deal with the repercussion of it. In addition to notifications being too infrequent, it is infuriating to lose an army that got pulled into a Keep and getting no notification for it.

Just feels like anti-gameplay and skill, it isn’t fun.

a stance that simply doesn’t chase the unit past certain squares, how common can that be! and as seen in the mangudai only has an empty box available

Now that I realize it, the siege has a default position of No Attack