University and fourth European resource (Probabilities and possibilities)

Maybe “Innovation” is a good name for this resource?

Good ideas, but this will make Lakota, Aztecs, and Haudenosaunee look very plain and boring by comparison.

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eu queria que fosse possível os aldeãos pescassem como em age of empires 3 ,em beira de lagos e praias no mapa com a taxa de 0.70 seria legal essa nova mecânica a muitos mapas possível de fazer isso
Captura de Tela (22)

having updated my UI mod to new base file resulted in discovery of resource called Fame in the file’s code, not used anywhere to my knowledge, could potentially be smt a new civ has
this is what it currently looks like, likely a placeholder


You discovered a brand new file in the game? Maybe it’s possible to check when it was added (e.g. in the last update)?

it was added on anniversary patch or at best 1 patch prior
i also found influence data about 2 months ahead of african royals releasing


It is very interesting. If this was the 4th brand new resource for European civs I’d be ecstatic!


isnt fame experience?

Fame is atm not used, when it will be it’ll show up in resource bar section of UI, with food, wood, gold etc.
thats how its coded in

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I’m fine with the university but not with the European fourth resource…they don’t need it,the fourth resource only for the others civ was a idea of Big Huge Games,not Ensemble…

*Eastern Europe…Western Europe are completed now with the Italians…

Yeah,maybe Poles with a Tatar civ will be fine…Ucranians and Cossacks maybe will be revolutions of Russians and Poles…

But the Prussians are Germans or at least Germanic speaking language…

The villagers don’t fish for reduce the eco management…

Fame is the old name for experience in the pre-release of aoe 3…

Yes,it is…

min explica melhor essa gestão econômica ?

again, Fame code wasn’t there before, thats newly added, and that always occured before a new civ or gamemode

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I like the idea of adding the university for the european civs, although the hausa unique university should either be renamed or the european universities should be designed to be quite different, to avoid confusion.

I disagree on that, the university shouldn’t just be a capitol 2.0 that gives every civ the same late game techs.

Universities of different civs should give different technologies or bonuses, or both, like:

  • give a passive bonus, something like the passive bonus of the consolate or the speed boost of the basilica, which is unique and different for each civ.
  • give just 2 or 3 unique techs, and maybe some common, or some that can be researched only after a HC shipment, again similar to the church techs.

The universities could also train units and UUs, like surgeons for every civs, and then the dutch may train envoys, the italians architects, and so on…

I would prefer to simply see changed some underused politician, I don’t think that a general bug is necessary.

That I don’t like…

European civs are supposed to be the “vanilla” civs, the ones most similar to other aoe games.

Other civs have a fourth resource (a fifth more correctly) in order to make them unique, separate their gameplay from other similar european civs and give them buff because they may have some kind of disadvantages or particular mechanic.

In the game, we need to have some civs that are just more easy and straightforward than others, and the european fill that role, some like the spanish or british more than others like ottomans or malta, but still with the same principles (a couple of bonuses and the unique units).

Besides, even native americas and federal civs have just 3 resources (or four if you consider XPs).

To some extent, you already get that through the HC… in the end it would still be the HC that decide to redirect the support of others colonies towards yours…

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To be honest, I’d rather bring something new to the Capitol (and maybe Arsenal) than a new late game building. I wish at least the Capitol has a permanent passive effect like the Church has a trickle of XP, even a higher XP trickle than the Church would be great. As for Arsenal, maybe it allows nearby artillery to train a bit faster.

For non-Western civilizations, some Capitol techs can be directly researched at TC, which is also somewhat unfair. Maybe make those techs researchable at TC for Western civs as well, or introduce Capitol equivalents for other civs and move those techs to their Capitols and introduce 3 or so unique techs there.

Perhaps the European ones could be named “College” or “Colonial College”.

Maybe there are 5 common techs out there and each civ has access to three, but the combination of those three is different for each civ to create variety and balance. In addition, each civ has 2 or 3 unique techs, making the total of 5 or 6 techs.

If the College has different bonus for each civ, the passive bonus should be considered as one of those 2 or 3 unique techs and be displayed with them, just similar to how the abilities and passive abilities of heroes are displayed together.

Maybe the College could simply spawn 1 book crate of 500 XP for every X minutes, as the common passive permanent effect of this building? I would prefer this rather than unique passive bonus actually.

I don’t think this is appropriate. But unique technologies could provide buffs to units.

I can understand how you feel. I feel like subconsciously people just want Western civilization to show the same amount of resource types on the template as other civilizations, to create a sense of harmony.

It’s not entirely unacceptable to be honest, but the impacts and works will go beyond simply introducing a new building and some new tech

Exactly. The home country gains a benefit called XP. Here, XP can represent not only fame, but also cocoa, silver, tea leaves, pepper, cotton, and even slaves. Everyone can have their own interpretation of what XP symbolizes.

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Bonjour, en fait vous proposez une espèce de jauge à remplir avec industrie, pourquoi ne pas en faire une ressource à dépenser aussi ? :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be like an enhancer of the production of the factories.

In my opinion I think it would be the easiest resource to implement.

I see that it has been a hot topic and I would like to participate and would like to answer more, but it is difficult to achieve it from a telephone.

This is amazing!

There are two options:

  1. A brand new resource for old European civs to make them more relevant to the rest of the non-European civs.
  2. Fourth resource for Middle Eastern civs like Persians, Arabs, Tatars and maybe even Ottomans civ.
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If a new technology is going to get added to the [Arsenal] building in the future, then how about making the “Carcass Shot” into a researchable technology?

The Carcass Shot will give both the [Mortar] and the [Monitor] the ability to shoot a projectile that will set the ground on fire for a certain amount of time, thus introducing an area denial effect to the game.

I made a post last year during September where I suggested that the Carcass Shot could be added to the game.

Not sure. The new tech will clearly buff the civs having the Arsenal.

My original intention was to give the Capitol and Arsenal an acceptable passive effect to make them still useful after all techs are researched, that is why I wish the Capital a great XP trickle. Maybe the Arsenal allows nearby buildings to train artillery a little bit faster, or has a slight coin trickle.

The “Carcass Shot” or a similar ability to it could also be available to the rest of the civilisations in the game other than just giving it to the Europeans exclusively. My main intention for suggesting that the Carcass Shot could be added to the game is for the sake of giving both the [Mortar] and the [Monitor], including their other counterparts, another use. Especially for the [Mortar] since it cannot target other land units.

Your idea of giving the [Capitol] and the [Arsenal] some sort of ability where it could buff something does sound interesting. This could make these buildings still useful even after all of the technologies from these buildings have been researched.

Aoe 3 It was designed in mind to have a simplified economy, so the villagers deal only with land resources (food, wood and coins) and the fishing boats only with water resources (fish for food and whales for coins)…

  • Originally, Experience was called Fame and would be shown on a numeric counter in the in-game UI (as opposed to the final game, where it is represented by a green bar below the Home City button) along with the other resources, as shown in unused textures files (resource_fame.ddt). It was later changed to be represented by a green bar (fame_bar.ddt), as in the final game, and later, its name was changed to Experience.

Of course, or else it is a standard building for all civs…Europeans would have their European-type universities (which would be the Osseus Circle Ossuary), Asians would have their universities but with Asian aesthetics, Mesoamericans and Native Americans would have their observatories (Aztecs and Incas) (the Hauds and Sioux would have viewpoints with native logs) and the Africans would have their African type universities…

Colonial college or college sounds more like the United States or the American nations… they could rename it as National College and extend it to the post-colonial American nations (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc etc etc.)

They are still Asian civs, therefore they will continue to use export as a special resource…