Unlimited pop mod not working?

Hello everyone,

I hope i’m in the right section.

I’ve bought AOE 3 because I love this game, and I was looking for the mod to unlimit the population, I’ve found it but it’s not working, do you know if there is a think to do after subscribe to the mode and activate it ? (I’ve restarted the game).


The game just got updated, and mods are not updated yet. The problem with data mods like this is, they need to be redone EVERY TIME the game gets a update. So your answer is:
Wait a few days.

Not sure how things are going on DE, but there used to be a hardcoded cap for unlimited population (you could still proto change vills and units to be 0 pop but it was buggy).

This was only fixed with a hardcode unlock for the .EXE, allowing for true unlimited numbers.

3de is hardoded again (still to 240 pop ) so they juszt reduce the mods to 0pop everthing
also you link literl sais " Reposting an old file if anyone needs it. "
UHC is made by many different people. EagluemutOP , Kev, and many more like one of tthe current devs of 3de…


Thats true, i referred nicifer since i couldnt find the original post.
Ill update it, thanks!

Hello Everyone,

First of all thanks for all your answer, just wanna say that I don’t even understand why you can’t remove this limitation or hgave more troops from the base game…
So thx for your reply, we’ve got to wait…

The limits are there for a reason. The engine of the game would completly stomp any computer if you go to far over the limit. Every played a colloseum with 8 players no pop limit? Yeah… Have fun with 20 minutes 2 fps.