Unlimited population

Would be awesome to mod this!

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Same here, but not for unlimited but increased to a 1000


I´d prefer to see options to get something in between as well.
E.g. 200 is currently the max. Let’s add 400 and 800 (jumps of x2).
To compensate, one could also mod the health of buildings, in order to make up for the additional units. E.g. 400 units equals x2 building health, 800 units equals x4 building health etc.


I would like to see that !
It’s possible but depends on how many players/comps in your game or it will lag too much…


Agreed, for custom games/skirmish this would be so much fun.

I would absolutely love this! Sometimes I just really like the massive battles at the end of the game. 400/800 pop games would make those so much more epic! My biggest problem with the current infinite pop mods is that 1. Infinite pop can get a little out of hand, and 2. They also usually remove build limits, which is something that specific cards are aimed at improving (e.g. The Incas’ Machu Picchu card increases build limit of strongholds by +1). I think simply adding higher population limits to custom games would be really awesome to see, either through a game update or mod.

ahahah good luck with runing the game with 1000 limit :smiley:

If your system can handle it, why not :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think it is necessarily the pc specs that are the issue for having large number of troops. It is rather the game engine itself that can’t handle more troops beyond the 200 - 300 range and especially if all are attacking at the same time. I hope they tweak their engine to accommodate larger battles.

They should have optimized the engine

Also, it does support 4 vs 4, which means 8x200 (not taking into account nations that allow more units). That’s at 1600 units. Hence, if you play 1v1 or 2v2, it should be fine to have a 400 or 800 pop cap, the it will result in the same.