Unlock units by HC cards or technologies

Hello there,

After reading some tutorials. I made my first mod yesterday.

It is quite simple, it unlocks the training of the winged hussars at the German stable when the Polish winged hussars card is sent. Moreover, their limit is increased but they gain a population value (3)

It’s “More Winged Hussars for Germans” in the mod center.


I really like this game mechanic which allows you to unlock units with technologies or cards. Like for example the French grenadiers with the grenade launcher card, british rangers or the mercenaries in the barracks with the Swedish cards.

I think I will make other mods like this. I am thinking in particular of Magyar hussars of the Hungarian revolution whose training is not possible for the Russians and the Germans. Or conquistadors for Spanish with the Reconquista card.

If you have other ideas for units to unlock. I would be interested.