Unlocked cards in campaign mode can't be used when playing

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  • **GAME BUILD #:Update 20322
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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When playing the Ice , Fire and Steel campaign, I unlocked shipments for malta even though i can’t use the homecity in the first scenarios. When I could, I realized none of the cards I choose where unlocked, and even though I had a level 6 Homecity, I also coulnd’t unlock the 6 cards that weren’t unlocked, so I effectively lost 6 shipments. Since you can use the homecity in the first scenarios, I thought I could save the unlocks for then you can, after the 4th scenario, but alas, shipments dissapear here too. Not only that, but the not unlocked cards still count for the deck limit. Now I don’t want to continue the campaign because I can only use the first deck with only 5 or 6 shipments on it. Please try to fix it as soon as possible because it breaks the campaign.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Unlock cards after a campaing scenario (Malta)
  2. Put them in your deck and load the next scenario
  3. Cardrs are not added to your deck and can’t choose new ones when winning

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The shipments you unlock should stay unlocked.

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(Even though cards are not unlocked nor placed in the deck, they still count for the deck limit, somehow)

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I just tested with the japanesr campaign, its not happening only with malta

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I’m experiencing the same problem, since the update whenever I try any of the campaign missions none of the previously unlocked cards are available and unlocking new ones doesn’t add them to the deck.


This issue has been forwarded to the relevant team and it is being tracked. Thanks for the reports!


This error is still present after today’s hotfix, campaigns still can’t be played properly.



I’ve same problem with campagn.
I’m still waiting for the patch that will solve the problem


I first noticed it during the last couple missions of Steel, and now I’m having the same issue with Fire. It’s not made the game unplayable, but my usual playstyle is to rely on the reinforcements sent by Home City cards. I am literally only able to use the starter deck, even though I copied it, then deleted it. It also resets my new card selections, so the cards I unlocked aren’t even staying unlocked.


Yes !! This is maddening. I have been trying to my new card selection and updated deck to “stick” for weeks off and on between scenarios with no luck. I’ve tried with the Indian and Japanese scenarios and no luck in both cases. In my mind this makes the campaign unplayable – at least not to the level I used to play on the non-DE edition. How could this not have got caught in testing?


I am still having the same problems after the recent patch.


bump, this bug takes a lot of fun out of the campaign and its pretty annoying to see it still around after being reported so long ago


Any ETA? I wanna keep playing the campaign and the game but It’s no fun if there is such a huge bug like this one…
Been waiting for some weeks now to resume my gaming
Would be nice any ETA for the next update


Any news on the fix? Very annoying to play the campaign now :frowning:

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update on Tuesday guys, hopefully it should be fixed then :pray:


Bug appears also for me. Will stop playing until its fixed. The bug is too huge (even game-breaking) to omit it.

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I just got back into AOE3 DE after the big announcements and trying to play the campaign now. I also ran into this bug. The cards I unlocked on the previous campaign have re-locked so I’m back to the base deck after beating the second scenario of Act II Blood, Ice and Steel. I hope this gets fixed soon…


did the fix work for you guys? When I try to replay an scenario I already did and choose the cards, they won’t appear in the game… and then if you quit that scenario it resets the deck to the standar once again.
Is there any way to play the campaign from the scratch? Deleting your campaign progress and all

It did not work for me. Cards are still limited AND now it shows I have not unlocked anything. So basically it deleted all my deck progress.

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Same is happening to me… I believe if we could reset the entire campaign somehow deleting all of our progress we would be able to fix it. But as of now, I have no idea how to do that.

Try playing the campaigns since the first scenario and then try to unlock the cards. I think you have to play them all again to have the cards

After the recent patch that was supposed to fix this, it fixed Act I for me but not Act II.

Also, the card selector UI is very unclear.