Unnecessary Nerfing of Some Civilizations Because of Noob Players

Unnecessary Nerfing of Some Civilizations Because of Noob Players

Players who are not specialized enough in the game do not know enough what to use against which unit. Then they claim nerfs for units they can’t defeat. For example, Sweden’s Hakkapelit unit. Light infantry and melee infantry must be formed to defeat this unit, but rookie players don’t know this and want Hakkapelit to be nerfed. As such, they nerfed units with such unique characteristics, rendering them useless. This situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is inevitable that there will be a decrease in the number of people who enjoy the game.


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Segundo, no está bien visto que usted diga que hay nerfs innecesarios para civilizaciones por culpa de los jugadores con poca experiencia, creo que hay muy pocos o casi inexistentes casos. La mayoría del balance en el juego se hace en base a muchas fuentes que los desarrolladores tienen a su disposición, opinión de jugadores de todos los rangos, estadísticas, torneos, etc. Si usted piensa que el balance se hace en torno a un solo grupo de personas, está equivocado.

Tercero, pusiste el peor ejemplo posible, el hakkapell en efecto estaba roto, jugadores de todos los rangos posibles se quejaron, inclusive los mejores del mundo, cómo Kevin, revnak, yukkiety, etc. (Pero no estamos discutiendo eso acá)

Y cuarto, si ve que un jugador con poca experiencia se queja de una unidad porque no sabe cómo contrarrestarla, en ves de decirle “noob” explicale y enseñale cómo contrarrestarla, esa actitud tóxica que usan algunos jugadores es el verdadero problema, ocasiona que los nuevos jugadores no quieran pertenecer a la comunidad, se frustren y se vallan. La toxicidad mata al juego, no los jugadores con poca experiencia.


Uses Swedish Hakkapelit as an example.
You have got to be joking.


Your example is a bad one because the unit was universally considered broken at every level and rightly so.

That being said there probably are some examples, I feel like the sebastopol mortar for example was way overnerfed it’s really quite poor now for it’s very expensive cost and lack of ability to train until industrial. There was a ton of whining about that when eithiopia were new when it was more of a problem of OP gascenya and dhervish that protected the cannon.

I’d also say the hausa lifidi knight has been heavily overnerfed and is quite poor now for it’s cost. Again mostly due to whining when the civs were new and played a lot.


I think lifidi is in a good spot tbh. before it was just way too tanky, it had the base hp of a cuirasier at 2 pop with 30 range armour, not to mention the melee armour as well.

Now its a clearer mid point between cuirasier and hussars and its a nice composition contrast with the raiders

Its still the best tanking cav in the game by far and its 10% more cost then a hussar and gets 17% more hp but only 13% less attack + the melee armour.

When Sweden players were trying to train pure Hakk ONLY with nothing else, to counter everything even they shouldn’t counter and most of time they win, you are telling us they are not OP.


Sweden is the favorite whipping boy. on these forums, carolean aren’t that good despite everything and torps are easy to sack…

Hakkapelit is a good example of where things went wrong; an interesting unique unit was turned into an OP dragoon good against everything (which nobody asked for) and then nerfed to uselessness when it should have just been turned back into what it was before.

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Nah bro, Japan is the go-to noob destroyer civilization that every single newb complains at least once a month.


If you think that the hakkapelite from before was balanced you are really a noob in mind, the unit ignored the counter system, a very high base health, which at a distance did not suffer much with light infantry, melee damage so high that it destroyed light infantry , villagers and cavalry, cannons, Musketeers in distance mode also beat them? Few civis like the Netherlands and Portugal were forced to mix halberdiers with light infantry because the dragon seemed not to be a good option against that unit. The unit also benefited from the melee cavalry improvements, so the unit already has life in itself. base and high damage for only 200 resources, he was a very monster at age 4, so stupidly strong, As was the ashigaru, ancient cuirassier. Anyway Sweden is still one of the best civilizations according to the statistics of the sunbro clan The unit before they turned it into anti-heavy cavalry, it was fine, it was difficult to have a micro with the unit because it had little range, but it played a good role, better than a Hussar

Wasn’t it India or USA or Chinese? It seems like everyone here is complaining about something.

In this forum most of the discussions always talk about these things and they are getting boring and repetitive, we never talk about strategy, build orders, rarely talk about Decks, we never ask for help on counters or build orders but only nerf builds order, on the esoc forum it’s quite the opposite. Once in some discussions with some guys it was a forum that gave a little toxicity but it seems that it is becoming the opposte.

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My impression of Sweden is that they have a very strong economy but a weak carolean in 2 years so the logic is to mass this unit because it plays well in mass as if it were a Russian musketeer but not cheap even if their economy makes it almost cheap, not exceptional hussars or at least not in 4 ages but still decent, hakka I honestly don’t know now how they are I use them very little they are the classic type for musketeers and cannons with cavalry support. Only that compared to the other civ you could pass with 16 settlers in a fairly fast timing and rush and at the same time add torps, I saw Ezad’s live last night where he plays against Malta and part of crossbowmen and hussars and then adds some caroleans and cannons of leather and at the same time constantly adding more torps.

I give a trick that I like to do against Sweden, wall the mines or just put narrow palisades and leave 1 or 2 mines in the center of the map or on the sides where you have a favorable place to destroy them and get yourself free xp.
Another advice (perhaps it works more in teams than in 1v1) caroleans in 2 ages suffer a lot from hussars or good cavalry in 2 ages.