Unnecessary Scenarios in V&V (?)

Well, it seems that V&V has some scenarios that repeat the first Aoe2 scenarios and thus - for me personally, ruins the experience a little bit.

For example Karlsefni which is very reminiscent of Vinlandsaga, with some changes that are supposed to expand the experience like discovering America but honestly - quite disconnects you from the first and good thing of discovering the North Atlantic world full of ice and mysterious (and this was also emphasized in the campaign in Vinlandsaga).
Almost the same map, same travel, the Britons are the same Britons, the same goes for the Skraelings and Greenland.

Another example is Temujin, which is the same initial tribal recruitment experience as in the first Genghis Khan scenario and unfortunately, Seljuk is also very reminiscent of Temujin’s experience.
Same idea with minor differences.

Finehair is very similar to Ragnar.
Maybe it was possible to somehow unite them.

I liked the idea and wanted the campaign to continue.
It felt easy and simple to me - and it kind of ruined the story for me, here I would like to be challenged more.


And you have jin and the tanguts as possible enemies, re-hashing the third scenario, and imo detracts from the narrative. How am I going into china before unifying the tribes. It allowed for some fun gameplay, but really detracted from the story-telling which otherwise I though the scenario was doing well. You can unify the tribes first, and then in “free-play” go into china, but then you’re skipping kushluk…regardless. There are elements of the story it does really well, but I don’t think narratively the experience is as cohesive as ghengis 1-3.

In a vacuum the scenario was decent, but yeah it does seem largely redundant. It’d be one thing if it was obviously superior, but to me it seems about the same. The game is probably objective better, tho there were some things that seemed unpolished, so that also detracts.

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Idk about the expansion but Genghis and Subotai were completely uninvolved in the events of the second scenario in real life:


You can wait till summer sales and buy AoE3 DE in sale and play the same mission, but in the BANG engine.


The Genghis campaign was planned to be even more of a mess. The final mission was a ahistorical invasion of Western Europe, I assume mainly against France and the HRE, to match the final slide saying they reached the Atlantic.

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