Unpopular opinion: i really liked the reveals

having played the beta, we can interpolate how rus/hre will play, and im really happy to see that so far

the gfx also looks better than what we have seen previously(specifically gunpowder), so its proof the game is actually getting better as opposed “thats it” like so many here seem to think

im excited to try the new civs, and really keen to see the next beta, likely with the last 4 civs…

hopefully the zoom out levels were a good indication of whats to come as well… im now convinced this wont be another DoW3

excited for the next wave of reveals tomorrow at 7pm


Feels like they’re scared to show the game tbh. I truly liked the beta but the NDA + only 4 civs available nearly a month away from release is very weird. Makes me think they’re late on schedule because why else aren’t they showing anything? Do they lack confidence or content?

The marketing team is bad. I mean they didn’t even bother making a blog post about the 4 last civs in the civilization section. They just add them on the website when they feel like it without saying anything. The only thing that kept me interested is the closed beta. Otherwise i would’ve forgotten about the game a long time ago.


They have updated the civs section on the website now.

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youre one of those few. I still see glitched dumb animations, lack of detail units, bad building destruction, bad proportions and no manned siege which are the things people critize the most. At this point Im not sure if they will fix those things based on Insider reviews and advice.


Im with you.The first trailer from 2019 was actually awesome , and next gen.After that it looks like they have changed the director , and we have a really bad trailers , that shows nothing good.This is bad , because I was playing beta version , and it looks really good.

But that’s the issue right… you’re looking at these reveals knowing how the game plays like, because you’ve tested the game in the Beta. You need to look at these reveals from a Public standpoint - How would an AoE fan without the Beta experience think about the game? How would a random RTS lover (non-AoE) think about the game? And so on.

The criticism is mostly coming from some Beta players who’re frustrated that the marketing is not showcasing how awesome the game really is - and those who weren’t selected who are STILL clueless how the game plays out just 2 months away from release.

It’s really less about the content of the reveal itself and more about the lack of proper gameplay footage all this time.


I know but did they say anything about it? Isn’t it obvious you should at least say something on the news section? Same for the French and Abassids, they just popped in the civ section out of nowhere and if you were not looking for it, you probably didn’t know.

Yeah you gotta follow them everywhere if you wanna know what’s going on.

It’s a feature of today’s world. AoE has like 15 social media platforms lol.

well, bad marketing :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

I want to love them as well. But not all the way loving them yet, more like mildly liking them.

Because some of it feels like borrowed mechanics in a way. Like Delhi scholars boost tech research time, while Prelates boost other stats. Seems a bit recycled.

Hopefully Landsknecht won’t be another version of the Vanguard man at arms.

Strelets are cool but is there anything about them that makes them play differently? We don’t know.

I’m genuinely excited about this bounty system they talked about in the website. Give me new mechanics and truly unique techs and units and I’m stoked.


Yeah, that’s a concern of mine as well. Reskins of other units should not count as unique units and I fear we will see a lot of that in the final game.

Apparently they shoot faster when standing for a while. I hope they buff elephants because they’re going to get shredded by Streltsky.

Is that in GMT or UTC ?

i mean its exactly these overdramatic assumptions that plague almost every post… its over 2 months away bro…

ROFL , actually its the other way around… we have far more access to info than we used to even moderately in the past… hahaha google instant gratification

gmt and utc are the same thing. i wasnt sure at the time, but seems like it is the time in germany, so GMT + 2, or CEST

as much as i would like manned siege, it wont make or break a game, neither will bad proportions.

honestly? i dont care. it seems people are so quick to kneejerk when they dont get exactly what they want, we’ve had the most ludicrous complaints forever. as stated on reddit, they are targetting a different audience so far, when the full game is actually revealed, players wont be “im not buying it because until now i disagreed” they will see the game isnt what they “feared” and they will buy it anyway

but in the meantime, they are trying to get the attention of people who wouldnt necessarily buy and RTS… aka the majority of the gaming player base…



Me too!

(why do I need at least 20 characters???)

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Oops sorry , I meant PT , not UTC

they arent, they’re a separate unit, there might even be a 4th melee infantry for HRE. and thats why we’re wondering how they will fair, because maa tank arrows, doppels will likely get shredded…

there’s only so much uniqueness you can put in a game, its already unique that one goes in a building and boosts research, while the other walks around boosting individual units, so far as to boost their attack and armour… that is a very different stat. and you end up with one civ with a better spammy eco, while the other has better individual units

Gunpowder was one of things which made elephants totally obsolete and bad choice, if anything they should have weakness vs gunpowder units.

They’re already pretty weak in general when you consider move speed, cost, production time and pop limit. Sometimes balance is more important than realism.

I’m pretty sure if they’re not buffed in some way we’ll never see elephants outside casual team games.

Patience? It has nothing to do with that. So when exactly is the correct, patient time? A week before release? Come on mate. :slight_smile:

First of all, the game is 2 months away from release and people have zero clue how it plays out. (Seriously, the gameplay footage from the Fan Preview is quite far from the actual gameplay experience) Second, the main point we’re making is that the lack of such footage further exacerbates the problem with each passing day. Again, it’s less about what they’re revealing now and more about the lack of the aforementioned raw gameplay footage that is not being prioritized. If they released gameplay, say, during the Fan Preview event, then 90% of the complains you’re hearing about now would’ve been gone.

Folks aren’t hating on what they’re releasing. They’re frustrated that the one true promotion of substance is lacking.

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