Unranked elo indicator needed urgently!

I think aoe3 de need a proper indication of how good a player is in lobby.

There are a lot of people whose account has no rating or very low rating, either he stopped playing ranked a long time ago and since improved, or he just never play ranked and is a decent good player. Some people even play on smurf account with no ranked games to avoid showing their rating. When these people join lobby as noobs, they destroy every one and game is not even fun. (I am not one of those my account has a lot of ranked games and rating is shown)

The opposite also happens some one appears to be a good player, with a lot of stars and bars or some treaty ranking. But in the game he is a complete noob and doesn’t even hold a fight, doing farm early or not making army, or use treaty decks. This makes the game unfun too. The stars and bars maybe come from AI games or noob stomp games or treaty games, but they are not actually as good as the stars and bars indicate.

So a proper display of skill level is needed, or there must be some incentives for more people to play ranked (ranked TG is almost dead). So that the lobby team game is not lopsided 90% of the time.

Side note: a lot of new players think the home city level is how good the player is. I still see lobby names like “noob only below level 40”. We need a fix to that as well!

As far as I can remember, Just three days ago, you have publicly stated that you will no longer play the game Age of Empires III.
You said,“I am done with this game. Just removed all DLC and the game from steam. I hate more and more gimmicks being added on to european civs and European natives…Im not playing anymore. Byebye aoe3.”
So today, As a non-player, you are willing to provide some suggestions for this, I feel a little confused, and I still hope you can find a more suitable game for you in the future. I wish you happy.


I think it would be an improvement to remove the confusing “casual rank” system, as well as homecity level display in multiplayer. Then it would be more clear that ranked elo is the only meaningful indicator.


Yes. I removed the game. But i had this feeling for a long time and it is also a major reason why lobby team game in aoe3 make me bored because it is so unbalanced

I definitely agree that the HC level display should be removed from multiplayer, but I do think some sort of skill indicator is still needed for casual games. It’s hard to balance teams in casual lobbies without it if some players don’t play enough ranked games to accurately reflect their skill level. I play lots of 3v3 and 4v4 team games with friends and it happens quite often that finding players to fill a custom lobby is quicker than waiting for QS, so when the opposing team unknowingly happens to get a complete noob in their team, it spoils the experience for everyone. There’s a limit to how far this a reasonably solvable problem, but a clearer casual rank system would be a good step towards a solution, I think.