UNRANKED GAMES ELOs => Can a developer also report to it?

When does that come? Can a developer also report to it? There is criticism everywhere in the forums that this does not exist! Why should I check the ELO via AoE2.net? In HD that was also possible!


I join the request for elos similiar or like they were in HD version. I play mostly unranked, because when i play, i do it mostly for fun and social experience rather than competition. In HD you can easily see what level each player is. When you host you can write to description elo-range for players to join. So offten we have totally unbalanced teams with pros and total noobs at the same time. So players dropp quickly. When you play 10 games like this, it is becoming really frustrating. PLEASE FIX THIS. Till that time I will rather play old HD version. I enjoy it better.


yeah would be great!