Unranked lobby browser issues - Scroll down "Show more" issue / MS Points / Rooms not appearing/ UI etc

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    Please undo this change, it’s so bad. This change was made when the Rome DLC was released I think and its been so annoying finding games in unranked lobbies. I like to sort the lobby browser by “maps” as many people do especially if you’re a BF/Arena/Amazon/Michi/CBA/Etc player, it just makes life easier, you click sort you see the list of BF/Arena/etc games, you pick one that best fits your skill, and that’s that… easy.

The issue I have with the current lobby browser is the constant need to scroll ALL the way down and click “show more rooms” sometimes more than once to view ALL available rooms hosted atm. First of all not everyone knows about this (casual or new players), people see 4 BF/Arena/etc game rooms, many of which are MS Points AFK xbox lobbies (which is another problem on its own) and assume thats everything. Many people don’t think to scroll down and click expand, so people either hop off or join a different lobby, or go ranked EVEN THOUGH there are multiple other empty BF/Arena/etc rooms sitting and waiting for people but find none because they’re hidden.

  1. MS points rooms:
    Already mentioned above, but The MS points AFK lobbies are spammed all over the browser and they just sit there indefinitely filling up space being an eyesore. Not a big deal I know, but why are they all over, and what purpose do they serve?

  2. Rooms not showing up (Ghost rooms)
    Issue has been around since launch, games sometimes don’t show on the browser. I’d rehost over and over until it works, or until I get frustrated and log out.

  3. Basic UI and interactivity with other users
    UI is barebones man, no option to add users as friends, inviting recently played users still does not work properly or at all, no unranked elo or stats, switching host to someone else if host has to leave does not exist. I used to play aoe on a gaming client called GameRanger back in the day (2012), and the options there are honestly great, adding friends is so easy (literally 2 clicks), players joining or leaving games/rooms created happens in real time without needing to click refresh constantly, and many more nice UI options - I urge the Devs to check it out and see if they can use GR as an example for new additions.

Thank u for reading, hope this does something 11 - Love to all <3

Lobbies are plagued by the afk ms pts farmers. Idk how this forum is not plagued by as much complaint.

I see that your complaint are more toward the Aoe 2 DE, we are here ## ### # ## ### the fact that both lobbies suffer from this is astonishing.

And what you’re saying is true about the filter and number of game too, it’s something i noticed when RoR dlc released back then, you could have some RoR game. But if you filter by it, it won’t show you any as the first page of result didn’t get any RoR game. (What this imply is probably, they make a request for game and then filter on them, instead of making the request with the filter … idk why, idk what are their limitation here, but it’s stupid).

I noticed that. Tried using the filters for ROR and it showed zero results and mind you I purchased the expansion. The experience could be much better yet not much attentio is put there.