Unsatisfied with the choice of Delhi Sultanate over a native India civilization

Muhammad bin Qasim who launche attackes on Sindh after conquering Sindh he converted people to islam at the point of sword,he take women as slave ,and after that islam is starting spreading in india

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Hopefully we get Cholas later cus I really enjoy naval battles

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Only Hindus can represent Indians!!4!!444!!!


There were Samanids, Ghaznavids, Khwarazmians and of course the Safavids…

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To summarize:

Civs to add: Marathas (slightly later) Cholas (earlier range) and Vijaynagara (perfect timing) controlled vast parts of India during this time period.

There will probably be gunpowder and frigates in this game (1600 onwards) so we can also include the Marathas (which ended the Sultanate but disintegrated to Mughals but then re-emerged from Mughals to die to British Raj).

Reason why Akbar and Mughals kinda worked in AOE3: The reason Mughal Emperors like Akbar was a Good choice in AOE3 was Akbar was more tolerant of the native Hindu population. Akbar’s Religious Views and His Policy towards Hindus (historydiscussion.net)

In addition the civ had elements of all of its cultures and wasnt strictly one culture (Mughals): sepoys, rajputs, elephants, hinduism, dharma, shivaji’s tactics(marathan commander), urumi (tamilian), etc.

Why Delhi Sultanate in AOE4 is so divisive: Delhi Sultanate (is strictly ONE culture) raped, pillaged, and murdered native populations to spread Islam. This would anger anyone… This is like if in a game France was represented by Nazi Germany for the time it held France. Obviously Delhi Sultanate held Delhi for longer but outsider should understand how India in AOE3 went from this umbrella representative civ with a tolerant leader to suddenly a narrowed Islamic representation.

Also only held a piece of North India for most of its rule:

To everyone saying Delhi Sultanate /= India - I mean what? The game has always painted civs with broad brushes and used 1 civ to represent continents almost. They knew their crowd?? They knew the perception/response it would have. It would be nice if they released an “Asian DLC” with Vijaynagara, Delhi Sultans, and Persia.

Why all this ruckus? We have 0 reassurance that we will get another civ. Thus everyone is debating why they did this civ. If its 500-1500 - then representing the birthplace of the three huge religions of the world (Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism) - its awful to include the pillaging, raping, and barbaric foreign invader sultanate that burned every idol or book and enslaved father, mother or child it came across that wasn’t muslim The treatment of the local population was that of almost slavery. So yes modern Indians from all religions wouldn’t be too fond of this new civ being added. Its almost if Rape of Nanjing or German Occupation of France was a civ to represent China or France. Persecution of Hindus - Wikipedia
The Delhi Sultanate’s Treatment of Hindus (e-ir.info).

TLDR: I have no issues with the Delhi Sultanate being in the game (it is part of the history). I have issues if its the ONLY Indian civ in the game - That would be disingenuous in representing India. Adding in Rajputs, Cholas, and/or Vijaynagara empire is not only time period relevant but also adds many campaigns /can re-energize the base /unite us all around AOE4.

Sources/Further Learning:
Vijaynagara: Rise and Fall of the Vijayanagar Empire | History of Medieval India - YouTube
Cholas: That Time an Indian Kingdom Invaded Southeast Asia | Rajendra Chola and the Maritime Chola Empire - YouTube
Marathas: Who were the Marathas? Rise and Fall of the Maratha Empire explained (Documentary) - YouTube
Rajput States and all of India: The History Of India : Every Year | Mughal Sultanate Vs Maratha Empire Vs Sikh Empire Maps - YouTube

This drum has been beaten to death in two forums. The devs know this by now or should. Let’s hope the devs care about proper civ design in Aoe4. Best of luck folks!


That’s not Islam or any other religion. And Delhi Sultanate represents itself not India.

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Its not Islam but the Sultantate’s rulers did it in the name of it

Except that both of these events happened during the last hundred years and not about 500 years ago.
I really don’t understand this way of thinking. The things that happened in the middle ages are history. They are that long ago, that they aren’t really tied to the way things are today. So why feel offended? There were a lot of murders and a lot of rape during these times. That is just past of how it was back then.
Also as @HolyProtoss stated. The Delhi sultanate is not in the game to represent modern day India. It is simply representing itself, a huge empire during the middle ages.

None of the civs represent modern day country’s. That is just a wrong way to look at it. All of the civs represent themselves and nothing more.


For western Hemisphere 500 years is long when you have shorter history , for most of the Asian civs their history is wayy longer, and there is much more cultural impacts that cant be summarized here otherwise this reply will be out of word limit

Delhi Sulatanate is not the most optimal choice the dev had , they could’ve gone for any native Indian civs but they chose a very odd/least priority/controversial option

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People died at every war but saying that raping etc. in the name of any religion is not right. When I search about Delhi, there is no such things. History is twisted by many people.


Delhi has always been under attac and the entry point for all invaders ! India being one of the only place that everyone wanted to invade, most of the attempts were thwarted but few of those invasions succeeded too, battles usually didnt happpned in delhi coz it was the seat of power, but the continuous greed of middle eastern, central asian and western power to loot India has always been real since very long, and youll find proof of that in any time period



Because of this war. Otherwise, we would not be able to get truly large campaigns in AoE IV, a new game with just a few civs at the moment. It is fitting that the events which lead to the foundation of the largest* empire this planet has ever known takes center stage in a game called Age of Empires.

*: Contiguous land area


Let Mongols have their campaign, no probs there, other civs can have their own Empires and campaigns.

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Please stop bringing modern political bias here. Delhi Sultanate is picked mainly due to they were one of the super power atleast one of the top players in Medieval world. They were horribly represented in AOE2:DE. The civ itself should’ve been a DLC.

Now they are representing them in proper way so what’s the point of getting mad at it? Pretty sure you are bringing modern political bias here. They are a core part of Indian medieval history. So be happy instead of getting mad just because of politics.
I was always disappointed in Medieval themed games because these games only shows European history for the most part but little to no attention to other part of world.


It is the general policy of the franchise to include civs if they have conflicts with other civs. None of the civs are added in isolation. It just so happens that the conflict which connects much of the world back then was the Mongol conquest. How would you add the Vijayanagara? You would end up adding the Delhi Sultanate anyway.

Of course, I’m not against adding both at the same time into the base game. That is apparently not going to happen, and if one of the two has to be chosen then it would be Delhi Sultanate.


You want a complete Mongol Campaign have it , let them fight them some chinese , some north Indians dynasties , some Japanese , some middle eastern No probs. But its still a Mongol campaign

I dont expect a Chinese campaign to be a China vs Mongol , I expect it to be more of China’s conflicts
Same for India, France , Japan etc.

Its age of Empires , not, Age of only 1 mongol empire

It has its own campaigns , pretty glorious ones too ! The over the sea conquest of Indonesia, Alliances with cambodia and more. Finding interesting stories for campaign is very easy among any of the asian nations. IMO having Mongol campaign shouldn’t be the basis of choosing empires from other civs

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Problem is we don’t have any of those civs right now. And if the devs have 8 civs to choose from they will go with Delhi instead of Vijayanagara+Delhi+Khmer/Malay any day of the week.

This part right here (and Indonesia and Cambodia) is why I often feel that it is pointless to even engage with you about history.


Coz they chose not to create them ! and thats the whole point ! They could’ve chosen other empires,
and each civ could have it own campaign :slight_smile:

I get it, you want campaigns for other civ to be Mongol oriented too, and have an Age of Mongols ? :slight_smile:

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Well that’s just not how it is. I suppose you can try to buy the franchise or provide the devs a much better reason for scrapping their initial choices than your personal opinion of “I want these other civs and not the ones you chose.”

Sigh, it really is impossible to reach those who have already bought into the cult. Despite missing the entire point of my comment, you still manage to be wrong. I am impressed.

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