Unsatisfied with the choice of Delhi Sultanate over a native India civilization

Let Mongols have their campaign, no probs there, other civs can have their own Empires and campaigns.

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Please stop bringing modern political bias here. Delhi Sultanate is picked mainly due to they were one of the super power atleast one of the top players in Medieval world. They were horribly represented in AOE2:DE. The civ itself should’ve been a DLC.

Now they are representing them in proper way so what’s the point of getting mad at it? Pretty sure you are bringing modern political bias here. They are a core part of Indian medieval history. So be happy instead of getting mad just because of politics.
I was always disappointed in Medieval themed games because these games only shows European history for the most part but little to no attention to other part of world.


It is the general policy of the franchise to include civs if they have conflicts with other civs. None of the civs are added in isolation. It just so happens that the conflict which connects much of the world back then was the Mongol conquest. How would you add the Vijayanagara? You would end up adding the Delhi Sultanate anyway.

Of course, I’m not against adding both at the same time into the base game. That is apparently not going to happen, and if one of the two has to be chosen then it would be Delhi Sultanate.


You want a complete Mongol Campaign have it , let them fight them some chinese , some north Indians dynasties , some Japanese , some middle eastern No probs. But its still a Mongol campaign

I dont expect a Chinese campaign to be a China vs Mongol , I expect it to be more of China’s conflicts
Same for India, France , Japan etc.

Its age of Empires , not, Age of only 1 mongol empire

It has its own campaigns , pretty glorious ones too ! The over the sea conquest of Indonesia, Alliances with cambodia and more. Finding interesting stories for campaign is very easy among any of the asian nations. IMO having Mongol campaign shouldn’t be the basis of choosing empires from other civs

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Problem is we don’t have any of those civs right now. And if the devs have 8 civs to choose from they will go with Delhi instead of Vijayanagara+Delhi+Khmer/Malay any day of the week.

This part right here (and Indonesia and Cambodia) is why I often feel that it is pointless to even engage with you about history.


Coz they chose not to create them ! and thats the whole point ! They could’ve chosen other empires,
and each civ could have it own campaign :slight_smile:

I get it, you want campaigns for other civ to be Mongol oriented too, and have an Age of Mongols ? :slight_smile:

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Well that’s just not how it is. I suppose you can try to buy the franchise or provide the devs a much better reason for scrapping their initial choices than your personal opinion of “I want these other civs and not the ones you chose.”

Sigh, it really is impossible to reach those who have already bought into the cult. Despite missing the entire point of my comment, you still manage to be wrong. I am impressed.

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Source? First time hearing.

Surprisingly this whole Topic is about it :slight_smile: and you can find more of them on forums :slight_smile:

Whats the point of tagging a random link for wiki Mongol invasion of Java - Wikipedia ? you want to make a point there ?

its a very famous incident probably not taught in many places ! jsut google it :slight_smile:

Or to summarize you can watch this : That Time an Indian Kingdom Invaded Southeast Asia | Rajendra Chola and the Maritime Chola Empire - YouTube

one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the world

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I know about the chola expansions I thought you were saying about a vijayanagar expansion in to the malaysian region.

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And I’m telling you that it is not unsurprising that all these posts did nothing at all. They don’t even advance the argument for excluding Delhi Sultanate.

The Mughal and Maratha Empires of India were more "native to India. So was Cholas and Vijaynagara Empire.

The reason the Sultanate is so controversial is because they were an external genocidal force that converted the natives to slaves and forced labor.

It would be a shame if in AOE3 DE a huge effort was made to properly represent cultures and then bam the only representation of the Indian subcontinent is the Sultanate (which for most of its time own a small part of the north). Under Tughlaq it owned some of the the deccan region but for less than 100 years.

For less then 40 year period did the Sultanate even reach Deccan or the south.

Then boom back to it being in the north:

Thus Vijayanagar Empire is an excellent add to round out the Indian Subcontinent during this time. If its added I know the civ I’d main.


You have not addressed my point about having 8 civs to choose from. So you would have both Delhi Sultanate and Vijayanagara? Well, then, which one would you remove? What campaign would you have for Vijayanagara? Against whom, itself?

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be grateful india is getting some recognition atleast, becuase as of rigth now, there is 0 mesoamerican civs, or american continent civs at all. (can’t wait for them to lock it behind an overpriced DLC)

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They could include the [Rajput Resistance] to the Sultanate - The sultanate didn’t appear out of thin air right? (Winning Back Mewar from Invaders: How Rana Hammir Singh defeated Khilji's successor Muhammad Bin Tuglag of Delhi Sultanate - Dharmayudh) which the Sultanate had to defeat? Or the various Indian kingdoms like they do with the English campaigns.

Greater representation of India can always happen… and would be fantastic campaigns to show the native kingdoms to the subcontinent.

I expect that as well, but this thread’s entire purpose is to whine about how Delhi Sultanate exists instead of something else in the base game.

The original post protested the inclusion of Delhi Sultanate as the only representation in the area that is Afghanistan to Sri Lanka when the Sultanate came from up north. Thats all. Lets be honest - its going to be hard to change what is already done. I guess it would have been nice to have a turkish sultanate and a native Indian kingom/empire.

South of China (which itself has a ambiguous background because Ming was only 300 yrs and 1300 it started whereas the game is from 500 - 1500) - there should be at least 2 civs to show that region.

I am sure that if game is successful we will get more civs and probably Hindu civ also.

I’d like to live in a world where Age of Empires untangles itself from its long history of eurocentrism and delivers us a game that embraces its stated topic – world history. I fear we are not getting that world yet. Until that time, all we can do is politely and firmly explain why what we are seeing is not good enough.

One day Age of Empires will finally release a game that includes Mesoamerican and South American civs rather than relegate them to DLC afterthoughts.