Unused age up politicians could be revamed

Considering the general situation of age up politicians, it is generally 1 or 2 age up options are considered to be rewarded meanwhile other ones are below average, a change which would actually make all age up politicians worth would be beneficial for the age up politician variety in the game.


I think most age 2 politicians are used, 500 food is good for a ff or semi ff

400 wood for age 2 standard play

2 villagers and 2 cows for booming

Tower and 200 gold for naked ff or defensive strategies if you don’t have 400 wood

Logistician varies on civ but some are bad, some are overpowered

When it comes to age 3, most politicians are useful,
Exiled prince good if you think your opponent will be aggressive

4 Huss, 8 xbow, 8 pike are all useful for a naked ff

Tc wagon good for greedy play

Only ones that aren’t useful are the 5 Cossack one and the 6 skirm one

I have never used the The Inventor politician

They reworked some politicians but why not the rest? Imagine if there was a politician that allows you to train musketeers as Germans? or a extra native bonus for the French?

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Ok clearly the inventor needs more love because I don’t even know wtf that is lol, if something is so bad most people don’t know what it is, you know it’s bad

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It’s the one with hot air balloon. I find it useful in treaties.

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A little off topic: I think some age 2 logisticians can be replaced with civ-specific politicians because some effects are very different from others.

Inventor (Age 2) might be useful for scouting in the early game, but as it delivers nothing, you will be rewarded much later than other politicans.
Also does anyone use the Mohawk Statesman (Age 3)? I don’t think 7 native tomahawks is really useful, and that 1 scout also has little value at that stage of the game.

All the others seem fine and are useful in certain circumstances.

I agree for age 3, age 2 politicians are all quite good now but age 3 the exiled prince remains dominant, I think it should have it’s time increase slightly and all the other age ups time slightly decreased to make them more valuable and worth considering.

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Exiled prince is dominant when it comes to the amount of use, either buffing other politicians or changing exiled prince would make it fair.

British Logistician is 100 extra food for a nerf.

I actually have proposals for buff on the Mohawk Statesman and the Gentleman Pirate:

  • Mohawk Statesman: Rename to Native American Statesman, or something like this.
    Set active the alliance to some minor native nations, and replace the Tomahawk shipment to something else.
    This could incentivize some native warriors play, since now you have some choices of Native American units (Maybe even technologies?) that is not necessarily available on the map.

British: Delivers 6 Cree Trackers and a Native scout, grants access to the Cree Tracker on the native embassy.
This unit can be useful as add a skirmisher unit option for the British unit compositions.

Portuguese: Delivers 7 Tupi Blackbow and a Native Scout. Grants access to the Tupi Blackbow on the Native embassy.
Blackbows have a better melee attack than Caçadores, so it could be used in some matchups when this is problematic. (Spain, Swedes, China, etc)

French: Delivers 4 Huron Mantlets, a Haudenasaunee villager and a Native scout. Grants access to Huron Mantlets on the native embassy.
This is weird because France is such a versatile civ, that does not have any obvious need for a new unit. Huron Mantlets is a unit that France does not have nothing comparable too (Tomahawk are basically Musketeers, and France already have Musketeers, so its kind of superfluous.), and Hurons and French have historical connections, so its makes sense in that regard as well.
The Haudenausanee villager is because Huron Mantlets are 160 resources each, and if we add 5 would be 800 resources, and would be 100 more valuable than the other civilizations counterparts. I don’t think a 20/40 resources difference is that significant, but I guess 100 might be.

  • Gentleman Pirate: Could allow the training of Privateers on the docks and Barbary Corsairs/Pirates on the saloon.

This could help civilizations that are bad on the water but have some focus on mercenaries. Thinking on Germany and Swedes specifically.