Unused god power animation

Deconstruction god power originally had been planned to use on both units and buildings, both methods have their own special animations. In this video I used Deconstruction on units:

I had to fix many things to achieve this. The god power file doesn’t indicate, but the animation is based on two proto entries: “Deconstruct Unit” and “Deconstruct Building”. You can try to place “Deconstruct Unit” in the editor, it does nothing.
How did I fix it?
Open Deconstruct Unit anim file, the animation based on two PRT files, you can enable one of them here (SFX A Unit Deconstruct). The other is already enabled in the anim file, but doesn’t work. Open “sfx a unit deconstruct flash” PRT file, turn “loop” setting to “true”. Then remove KillOnAnimLoop flag from the proto entry of “Deconstruction Unit” and add a NoTieToGround flag. You can now see the complete animation of “Deconstruct Unit” in the editor. Now edit the god power file of Deconstruction (reverse time), it automatically chooses the “Deconstruct Unit” animation, when it is used on units.
Ensemble Studios design
This animation has been created by Ensemble Studios and supposed to be part of the game at some point.


Though I think it is good that deconstructing units was disallowed. It would overlap too much in role with Bolt, especially since god powers with offensive applications are mostly barred in Age 1.

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