Update 14.3853

I didnt see the fix to out of memory included in the official changelog. Did it get fix or not?

they are independent attacks so 1 doesnt lead to another, however i do agree that this was likely an oversight, shame as testing would have probably brought this to light and will have to wait to next patch. A difference of only 1 range between irfle attack and rocket attack is to marginal to rely upon.

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I feel like they are trying to buff wall guns with that since now it caps out at 19.5 range which means they can fire from a safer distance with all of their buffs.

But wall guns is still so very clunky which makes it useless

I also think its probably safer not to give them extra range on that battle bluster since I still want wall guns to be useable and with it the battle bluster outranges skirms and giving them the ability to outrange skirms with a siege attack is probably overdone


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wait how are youre stats like that, mine had imperial with all arsenal upgrades only 14 range

Wall guns and an impractical amount of walls, they really could just make this card better rather then try to change the unit stats


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I’m totally ok with nerfing China, Sweden and Otto into oblivion. They have been at the top for so long, and someone has to be at the bottom, why not them?


The update from Microsoft Store Is our, now you can play from Xbox (?

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Nice update, I like the buffs to sentinels though 5 HP more is a little low it is a 2 pop unit after all. I’m surprised they still haven’t made the card where walls buff sentinels useable.

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Yes, they fixed it quickly and thanks to all of them and you, and playing on Game pass pc


Maybe because Ottos have been at the bottom since 2007/2008 till the rework? And although they are good, they are not at the top like Sweden or China or Italy. People just get used to whine about ottos and nerfing them to obliviom won’t change the attitude.

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eh buddy what games were you playing pre-de? otto was broken beyond belief in TAD.

Heck haud and otto was so broken that it was banned in all tourneys and was basically the reason that the ESOC-patch was created.

edit: otto cannon ff was even meta for a while in early DE before swedes were fully explioted


Fortunately, it isn’t a matter of opinion. In most ELO brackets, they are the number one most commonly picked civ. And, they often have a winning percentage within the top 4. This is simply a matter of statistical fact, there is nothing to debate or question.

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they need a buff in my opinion but otto grens need a nerf :slight_smile:

Yes, they are the most picked, and it doesnt bother me. They are fairly easy civ to play, also beginner friendly with tanky janissaries so it makes sense why they are picked the most, especially at low Elos. They are at top4 but not at the top, also top5-10 is fairly closer to Ottomans so when it comes to data reading, Ottos are nowhere near to top2-3 civs.

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What? Ottos have always been to tier.


There will be no military improvements for Aztecs in treaty?

astecas em tratado sempre serão piada amigo eles nunca vão melhorar essa civi para tratado pois astecas nunca serão viáveis para tratado

Nah, they’ve been an early rush civ that hit later that most other rush civs and fell off the hardest. Overall, they were kinda ok but mostly showed up to lose.

Admittedly, their baseline units look like they live off whey right now but I havent actually seen that change too much in supermacy. There were cost increases to units like the deli, abus and humba and after the nerfs to these they feel like they hit the sweetspot of ‘strong but unsustainiable’. Till that cost redcution in age 4, and the glacial otto eco, its still one shot and done for the most part. Much less scary in person that Id thought it’d be.

Now, the treaty scene is where the major gains are at - but there we have to compete with mexico, us, etc…

Yeah that is not how they are played above like 1.2k elo , people dont even have the cost reduction card in their decks in 1v1 game