Xbox on PC wont update the new patch on AOE3. FIX please

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Xbox on PC wont update the new patch. FIX please.

I tried playing last night with a friend and his version was already the new patch and mine wasn’t. He plays on Steam and I play xbox.

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Suppose to be able to update the patch.

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Me and my friend have the same problem, the update always send me a error while the downloading and thats all we have since yesterday

They are on the works to fix the issue !
If you join the Discord → Age of Empires
You will get notified once they fixed it ASAP :slight_smile:
Otherwise, i can make a post here.


Thanks, im new on the forum, i will check the link


no updates about it yet?

My friend installed on MS Store and me on steam. We can’t join each other’s games since the update and we don’t see the same game in the public multiplayer. Anybody else facing the same issues?

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When is the Microsoft game update going live?

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Your issue has been resolved, and you can now update you game !
Enjoy the update :slight_smile:


I just tried it, it’s still the same for me. It does not work. On my Laptop, the download of the update is always blocked. And on a second pc, I erased and reinstalled AeO3 last night. It does not launch and the download of my ADDons remains blocked.
And it’s the same on my friend’s computer with another microsoft account. It still has the update error.
AeO3 DE from MS STORE.
Please. What should I do now?

Make sure that your windows time is synchronized

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How was the issue resolved? I still can’t download the patch or play. I got 386.3 MB since 2 days ago. Every time I try I get the same message. Error downloading.

It hasn’t been resolved. My (PC) game still makes the download error and then nothing… My clock is alsways synchronised. Fix please and help me because I am very sick and this is the only game for me left to play. Where is the solution you write about?

Some people say, you need to deinstall the game, and completly download it again. That should help.