Update 14.3853

I think it’s very pessimistic. Since the Aztecs were weakened in the Eagle Runner Knights, they have completely become the bottom ranked nation in the treaty from the average level nation in the previous treaty. In the current treaty ranking that I know, it is even weaker than unreinforced Malta, which was last to last before this. However, now Aztecs are not even as strong as unreinforced Malta, becoming the new bottom to last, which can be said to be very ironic; In the last update, India also fell back to the bottom position, only stronger than Malta and Aztec. It can be said that India and Aztec, who were originally bottom of the treaty model all year round, brought Malta back to the bottom position together. Especially, Aztec and India were weakened in the recent version, and they are unlikely to return to the middle stream in a short time

In previous treaty confrontations, Aztec relied entirely on the cooperation of Eagle Runner Knights, Archers Warriors, and a small number of Coyote Warriors. Although this was indeed an unhealthy structure, it was almost determined by Aztec’s unit structure. Without artillery, they could only rely on a strong unit as support. They took Eagle Runner Knights away on the grounds of improving the coordination of their troops, but did not give other reinforcements, This ending is almost destined

The most tragic thing is that without artillery, the Inca could still rely on a pure food economy, strong indigenous warriors, and a standing additional combat population to gain their own status, as well as the additional resource flow of buildings to ensure the economy, which Aztec did not possess


Uhh, yea. Im sure I implied that things like the cost reduction dont matter in supermacy and treaty is where they got alot better.

At any rate, im also pretty sure jan/abbus age 2/FF/FI or jan/cav FF/FI is the basic set of strats for ottos at all levels…cuz what else can you do with the civ that actually works? A wild otto merc strat?

thats kinda what all civs do though, there are age 2, ff or fi builds, its kinda redundant

after playing a few games im starting to think the fulani changes might be be a bit oppressive for like age 2 team play.

they do more dps against heavy infantry then skirms at base now and have basically turned into yumi with 4.5 speed and 20 range in age 2

i dont mind if fulani gets an increase in the heavy infantry multiplier, but that needs to be like a lategame tech (like longbows and the imp upgrade) or maybe part of the fulani alliance

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I think it’s fine. Hausa were 1 of the civs with lowest win rate across the board. They’ve received endless nerfs as well since release. The corsair marksman was a very important unit for them to deal with heavy infantry and that got nerfed so hard it’s no longer viable so the fulani needed to be able to efficiently deal with heavy infantry.

im not saying dont have a change, but not as a base stat change and not out of the gate in age 2.

make it like steel bolt for malta or something.

it already out dps basically everything but the yumi in age 2 and basically outranges most light infantry and also outspeeds them.

before they still do 27 dps vs heavy infantry at base which is only 3 less then skirms at base. its the mid to lategame where they fall off. buff them then

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It’s an option to include the additional multi as part of the vet tech or fulani combat card yeah but this way they get a more general buff at all stages of the game. Hausa had an abysmal win rate before the patch so I doubt even this will be enough, personally I’d also get rid of the 2 commerce age cav upgrade cards and just give them cav combat in age 3 instead.

the issue is that in 1v1 hausa could barely hold off heavy inf rushes.

Unfortunately the unit is really good at everything else, so team balance is wonky now.

the civ has been nerfed a lot, but im not sure why the buff was applied to their one consistently good unit


i still want hausa to start with a griot tbh, i think it would help out a lot with the early game and also make defense with the civ a lot better


Fulani is now broken, there should be a buff to corsair marksman.

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When they nerfed the ERK I predicted that Aztec players would have to wait several patches before they were given something to make up for them in late games. unfortunately it seems that I was right and the Aztec players will have to settle for having the weakest army in late games probably forever.

I think you may have misread something, somewhere. Look at the comment my initial post replied to.

My point was that pre rework, Ottos were not top tier. To lay it out more, I was describing the civ in terms of where its stregnth was - before, they’re best suit was early aggression as opposed to turtling/booming and even then said aggression was manageable and left the civ at a major vill defecit. More, they had few unit upgrade cards/techs so they fell off in later stages.

And currently, while they have a very solid unit roster in the late game (treaty), they still have the same weakness in that surviving thier initial attack leaves them practically dead in the water.

Not really sure where you seem to be headed…

I wanna play on whatever patch you play on where otto isn’t top tier


They need a buff,too weak. Git gud.

Devs know what they are doing.

There was a hidden +5 jan hp buff this patch for ottomans

Hidden in a card or where?

Regular Jans have now +5 hp

The havent nerfed abus cost
Or deli
Stats are stronger than legacy for both units
Jans almost back to legacy stats, better if fully carded.
TC costing 500w means 3tc eco for otto easy investment (1k wood). More res maps means otto turtle buffed. Yah botto is good and not meme now
Otto cav archer buffed extremely so there goes the weak part of abus CA comp, now strictly buffed.

So from legacy when they were undoubtedly op.
We have better jans that scale better church techs better abus better CA better cav better eco, also now even more cav merc shipment and now fantastic grens and pikes. Like damn, this civ gets everything but age2goon…oh wait shipment for that too.

At this point otto is just overtuned, they have high win rate at every elo and are pretty simple to play. Not as op as italy or opressive as some strats were, but its clear they will be nerfed as they went from aenemic to “what do you mean other civs units arent always s tier? People cant just attack move comps due to exteeme hp or dps? Huh”

Sarcasm aside, the civ is just turbo boosted from 500 elo to 2k, like china was and somewhat still is, and for the health of the game is likely to take some nerfs to be in line with other civs


basically what dansil said

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pleeeeeeasseeeeeeeeeeee add nuuuuuuuuuuumbeeeeeeeers! grants a fraction nooooooooooooooo, use please 10% etc