Update AoE DE purchased at WIndows Store?

I followed the instructions for updating my Windows Store game. It updated my MS Office products. The rest, it says, it up to date. Says I have build 27347 on my opening menu screen in the game.

It is Sept. 2nd and 28529 is the current version. Apparently that is working on Steam.com.

Why can’t I play my game on Steam? I bought the game. Where I play it should not matter.

I cannot believe how terrible customer service has become with these games.
Playing Definitive Edition is nothing like the original game. It looks awful, not better. It has hard to control and hard to see what is going. The pathfinding is bad. Villegers collecting berries just stop and sit there when there is clearly enough room for them to continue picking berries. I lay 5 more towncenters in a Deathmatch game, and the villegers start collecting resources after the 1st one is built. The military units move like they are in Age of Kings. Which I never liked. Rise of Rome was much better in my opinion. Go play that if you want the game to act like that.

I hope people will consider coming to play at Game Ranger. You can still play the original game there. It runs very well.

I had a similar issue trying to play this game with a friend.

Solution: Go to game’s store page, download and install the game. It will install the latest version.

I can launch the game, version 27xx perfectly fine and it says it’s up to date.
But he has 28xx, so I went to the Microsoft Store and visited the AOE DE page. The store page said I did not have the app installed, and when I pressed “install” the install process started from scratch. After finally installing 17+ GB, I have 28530.
So now, I have the old one and the new one both installed. I can launch whichever one I want ¯_(ツ)_/¯

make sure that you have the latest update for Windows 10, or just google it ( Windows 10 latest update) then download the updating tool
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 check this web site and download the May 2019 update