Update fix coming?

So after the big december update the game was looking really good atleast for me, no more drops and crashes and smooth gameplay. then like 5 days later there was this hotfix what ■■■■■■ up everything again resulting in disconnecting and having sluggish gameplay (like 25-30fps) max. Unplayable especially when I decide to play a game on voobly and getting reminded how pleased we are/were with the platform. Now my specs aren’t that bad I think, not that great either > https://i.imgur.com/hdQmPTT.png

So the question is when is the freaking update? I heard rumours about 2nd of januari, but nahh aint happening or are we getting an announcement of a update first? Or is it only me experiencing fast proxy kinda feel when playing 1v1s…

I also have tried figuring out anything to get my game working properly. example given: cleaning the dust in my laptop, changing cpu BIOS checking heat etc. Also just simple fixes like disable game dvr and ofcourse the game uses the powerful graphics driver. Now this is steam their biggest sale this year? how in earth is there no support behind this game. Bs saying the mods have the holidays off is not really believable when a game like age of mythology release an update the day after christmas. Atleast they can communicate to their gamers aka customers when we can expect a fix.

BTW it’'s also funny if I read this forum that all the “experts” talk about balance in this game, pretty entertaining to read sometimes.


What an incoherent rant lol. Anyway today is just the first working day after the holiday so I guess we need to wait a while for all dev to come back :slight_smile:


Are single player games vs. AI or Campaigns sluggish for you, too? I wonder if that could be fun in the meantime?

Do you have any mods loaded/subscribed to that might be conflicting with the new patch?

Sorry, it’s a bummer when games have issues.

I hope they had the holidays off, to be honest… and paid time off during that break; so they could relax for a wee bit and come back refreshed. I think with all the effort that went into DE and the big December update, they earned it. (Look how different DE looks and acts from HD! Had to be a lot of work, yeah?) It’s hard to make updates work 100% for every PC configuration out there, too.

I have faith the game will be working for you again soon. I’ll cross my fingers it will, anyways :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I just tested campaign, having like 35-45 fps there. But I am not really enjoying campaign to be honest so that’s not for me. I took all mods off but no difference. I rather saw DE focus on performance side of the game than graphics.

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Yeah, I need to try more campaigns, personally, because I get the sense from the community that they get better as you get farther in them? But I’m not sure.

I prefer single player vs. AI… or teaming up with an AI vs. 2 or 3 AI. Or with friends vs. AI…rather than campaigns. But like I said, maybe campaigns will eventually win me over.

Glad you get slightly higher FPS. That maybe points to local internet or server latency when on a public match. Ohhh… in the MP lobby, have you noticed there are different servers to choose from? Maybe you have been connecting to a server that’s far away? If so, that can’t be helping your predicament.

Also, maybe test your Internet speed? One option is there’s a website that made was by Netflix a handful of years ago to test your Internet speed. (You can read news articles about it if you don’t trust me. Only mentioning who released it because it might help its legitimacy; I don’t care if you don’t go to it. I don’t work for them and don’t advertise for them, etc. It just happens to be the only one I know about.) They were tired of people blaming their service as being slow when a lot of times it was local Internet instead… if I remember correctly. So they made a no-nonsense Internet speed tester site. I don’t want to link to it since I don’t want my intent in posting/mentioning misconstrued (community guidelines regarding 3rd party services). Maybe run it, or any trusted Internet speed tester of your choice, for that matter, two or three times to get a feel for if you are satisfied with your connection speed, and to help rule speeds out as a factor. Just trying to help.

^-- Oops, I know the Internet is nothing new to you… and I just remembered it worked fine for you before the patch… so, sorry, maybe just keep this info in your back pocket for the future.

Where can I download AoC for voobly? I cant find it anywhere

It’s already been comunicated that the update will come soon after the holiday recess, try to keep your cool until then.

But anyways, can you share your game settings?

P.S.: this is a enviroment made for discussions, people come here to share ideas and debate about them. If you agree or disagree about subjects, or the discussions as a whole, join and expose your thoughts with everyone. No need to lame on people simply for discussing the game.

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Thanks skorpyro for the reply