Update Hopes

There might be hope for aoe de to get updates! I mean look at no mans sky! They got an update… 2 years later… people are playing it again hehe


I have no more Hope, but rating system and xbox live lobby its not designed for pc gaming, so another game lobby voobly stile

Hope = waning.

Interesting discussion here, including comments by a former FE developer: http://aoe.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/aoecgi/display.cgi?action=st&fn=1&tn=6710&f=1,6710,0,60&st=0

I agree with them, not updating AoE:DE is hurting the franchise. Not that it wasn’t already crippled by no steam support. Also considering how AoE II already got an HD upgrade I really doubt a lot of AoE II players will be very motivated to buy yet another version of AoE II, just for some updated graphics, added frames and new sounds, while at the same time forcing them to use the x-box live platform. They should really just have bought Voobly instead, that is how it should have been done. Clean and simple.

At this point all focus probably goes into AoE IV. Any “DE” version is in my eyes a side project with limited time and limited funding.

we got an update… finally… but not sure what they changed or fixed besides the chatbug…

Nothing, most likely.