Update Problems - Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition / Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dynasties of India
Windows 11
101.101.61321.0 859 5115

Since update, after a while the game freez until the end. I can still use the mouse and the whole computer. I can see the match but only in this window. The score is running. After the game ends, i can use the game normal.

update (seem to be chat or ping problem, or both togehter)
It happend when i use the ping in game and for example the 2 in chat for no. Then the game freez.

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Hi @exclusiveLS !

Some advices when you have multiplayer issues:

  1. Verify your files in Steam Library (AoE, properties, local files) or reinstall the game in Xbox store if that is the case
  2. Add the whole folder to the exception list in your antivirus, not only the exe. You have to do it again after every update.
  3. Close as much programs as you can before starting the game
  4. Disable your mods
  5. Update windows and graphic card drivers
  6. Make sure that the game is running in the main GPU
  7. Disabling Enhanced Graphics

If after these steps you still have issues, let me know please!

Hello IkoKnight8151,

thank you for your input.

I format my computer, reinstalled win 11 and only Steam. No other apps. Win and driver are up to date.

Enhanced Graphics Pack is not active in Steam
I don´t have mods

No I can confirm, it is the chat function! If I click on it, to communicate the game freez. AOE

Hi @exclusiveLS !

Thanks! We are now tracking this issue ^-^

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@IkoKnight8151 this might be similar to the chat issue that I read with the ALT-T or just simply chat freezing the game?

though I couldnt reproduce it with ALT-T at all not sure if it was already fixed with the small update push just hours ago.


I think they have the same problem

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Seems to be the same