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Has update support ended for this game? Or will there be a patch soon that will fix things such as the extremely poor path finding and unit collision?

The last time we heard about a patch for AoE:DE was back in August. Will there be any more patches next year? Maybe, maybe not. Never say never.

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As a moderator in touch with the ‘community team’, can’t you get some more info pls?

@Danicela Although I am in contact with the community team it is not to be their voice. If or when there are future updates for AoE:DE they will be announced on social media.

lol what interesting asnwer … no more updates will be released and there isn’t any team that support aoe de from 1 year… the fact speaking better then people

There may not be a team of devs constantly working on AoE:DE but there was a patch released in August to fix the chat freezing bug. I suppose if the bug is significant enough, Microsoft will allocate resources to fix it.

Please dont joke us, they abandon the game totally and the game is not finished so dont speak about support or bug or nothing, they promise 100 and do 60 …

I am telling the truth. Forgotten Empires is likely not actively working on the game, however if there is another game breaking bug like the chat bug it will likely be fixed. Microsoft has an interest in making sure their Microsoft Store games are playable even if it does not make sense to continue pouring time into a game which is not also bringing in revenue to support that investment.

Chat bug was correct after 6 month, im waiting elo ranking sistem from the start and other feature that microsoft promise. If u wanna defend and undefendeauble position do your work but this game should be great and have more success if microsoft do what he promise.
If u before a game exit promise some feature and after the release u stop totally develop of the game and leave it this is not give support or not this is i take money and run…
BTW im plaiyng AOE DE almost every day, but dont tell me that there support/attention to the game when is so clearly that MS take the money and abandon the project…

I’m not happy with how post-launch active development ended prematurely either. There is support for the game but it is limited and low priority.

Do you have a URL to where the team publicly discussed an ELO ranking system being available after launch of AoE:DE?

It’s not my position to defend Microsoft. I honestly do not remember everything the team promised for the game other than what was posted on the Age of Empires website and Forgotten Empires website.

I think we can find topics from the beta where devs told they are on things, if the topics weren’t deleted… but while they were hidden on the old forum, they went public on the new forum and someone retrieved them all. (to be confirmed)

But beyond what was promised or not, there are many things that are clearly unfinished, Microsoft considers them as low priority ? Maybe they consider players have little memory and they’ll buy next games, but for my part, I won’t forget the unmade things and I lost confidence in Microsoft and Forgotten Empires future games.

Just beginning digging but here’s something :

Classic Mode was a clearly announced feature, we could play it multiplayer in beta, and… they removed it, and today we can play it only solo… and with various graphical bugs.

Found a topic (and that was your topic !) :

sStepSs (apparently a FE dev) told :

Revamped pathfinding was on announcement videos and… can we say the pathfinding is clearly better than in 1997, with blocking/collision problems etc ?

Found something :

sStepSs told :

I’m sure I can find other topics like this…

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The problem with features and improvements discussed during the beta is plans can change before release. It’s only fair to hold Microsoft and Forgotten Empires accountable for promises which they made publicly. It’s also worth considering that even though Forgotten Empires may have in good faith planned on delivering fixes and features, the contract with Microsoft may have ended for the game before Forgotten Empires had an opportunity to work on them.

Classic Mode in Multiplayer. Are you able to find a public announcement where either Microsoft or Forgotten Empires stated Classic Mode would be available in multiplayer? Simply announcing a feature is not a guarantee that it will be available for all game modes.

Classic Mode Jagged Shoreline. This could have simply been one of those issues which was not fixed due to the contract ending before Forgotten Empires had a chance to fix it.

Improved Pathfinding. I agree that the pathfinding improvements promised were not met, however the promise is somewhat vague about what constitutes as an improvement. I think we can all agree that AoE:DE in general does not have “good pathfinding” in its current state.

Multiplayer Player Color Choice. Again, the contract may have ended before Forgotten Empires had an opportunity to implement this feature.

I have no idea whether or not Microsoft considers the current bugs and issues in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition low priority. All I know is that it took 5+ months to fix the chat bug. Therefore my interpretation is that fixes for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition are low priority.

I completely understand why you would not want to purchase a future Definitive Edition title from the Microsoft and Forgotten Empires team because Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was clearly left unfinished.

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I play bete and untile a certain patch there was a ranking system implemented … it works only 1on1 and probably with some bug, but u are defending an undefending position, i was one of the 40+ age people that play all aoe fromthe first to the last, also with a WCG partecipating for aoc , and i love all the saga, but this time they dont do good job , the game is not the only thing like i said many times, Starcraft without battlenet and his ranking system didnt have his success . Btw this discussion dont go on any useful way we cant do nothing just dont buy the other game that MS release , an RTS on xboxlive is a pain…

Yes and I could swear some dev told ‘it would come back in a better form after release’ :confused: