Update the Bug Tracker, thoughts on Siege Units and Towers

Bug Tracker

Last Update to Bug Tracker was December 9th. Might we have an update soon so we know which Bugs the Team is aware of? There are a ton of reported Bugs missing atm.

Siege Units

There are two basic things I would change about Siege Units:

  • Set up and pack up should be manually triggered.

  • Set up and pack up times should be significally increased (at a ratio of 2:1, packing up should be a faster process than setting up).

Mangonels setting up 3-4 seconds, packing up 1.5 to 2 seconds
Trebuchets setting up 4-5 seconds, packing up 2 to 2.5 seconds
Bombards setting up 5-6 seconds, packing up 2.5 to 3 seconds

Cannons, Culverins, Nest of Bees, Ribauldequins and Springalds, should not have a “set up” or “pack up” option and are exempt from the requirements (they have wheels ffs).

There are two specific things I would change about Siege Units:

Reduce the fire rate of trebuchets by 20%
Increase the fire rate of bombards by 20%

Effects I would hope for

Now I know Age of Tanks has been a great hit over the years. I do find it odd however, that a mediveal siege device would behave strikingly similar to either short range mobile rocket artillery (mangonel), long range mobile artillery (trebuchet) or a main battle tank (bombard).

The use for heavy Siege machinery should be to either defend or break a fortified position. By requiring a manual set up and increasing the time to be set up, these three units would become more of a focussed answer to holding and breaking fortified positons.

These changes would still allow them to be used in a more dynamic role, it would however require an engagements to be set up well.

These changes would also inderectly promote the “lesser” siege units.


Towers should be vulnerable when beeing built. A Tower built within the arrow range of a town center or another tower should either not be able to be finished or finish heavily damaged (when beeing built by one villager).

So long, thanks for reading.