Does anybody else here constantly have issues playing with their friends online? This is almost certainly because of the constant updates and the need for everyone to be synced to the same version. This wouldn’t be a big deal - if the updates weren’t 7GB!

Can anybody explain to me how/why the updates are so large? This makes no sense to me. Sure the game looks better than it did at launch, but this is not exactly Red Dead Redemption. I can assure you that the little tweak here are there is not worth the amount of folks who have to give up on playing a match daily due to the constant HUGE updates.

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With my internet, if the updates were 7GB, I would be spending more time updating this game than playing it. Also, my SSD would have been full as of like, the second official patch. Seems to me like you’re exaggerating a bit.


The update of 7GB was large because they worked on the textures of the game (so the game had to download the new ones that were smaller on size). Older updates were not that big.


Updates too large and too frequent that’s good, it means dev teams is healthy.

:frowning: Ensemble Studios is miserable


I am very happy with the amount of updates! Please keep em coming and please fix my multiplayer lag :wink:


Well, they can’t be miserable or anything else since they were disbanded years ago.


AoE2 Forum: The game is broken! Fix the bugs!

Devs: * release monthly updates with bug fixes and new content *

AoE2 Forum: Too many updates!



Same here. Keep 'em coming! The more the merrier, imo. If anything, maybe they could be a little more frequent and smaller in size/scope, so the updates can happen a bit quicker. But that might pose some complexities for them where it’s even harder for them to keep track of what implemented thing or ‘fix’ is causing issues because they update the game so often. If you do less frequent big updates, it’d probably be easier to keep track of or manage that sort of thing, including their pre-release UAT testing of patches. So their strategy might be to help maintain their sanity on their end.



7 GB

You never played a modern FPS game, did you? The most recent Fallout 76 update was 50 GB, and the full download of CoD MW is 100 GB.

I have LTE access only and I still manage to download tens of gigabytes in one night so I don’t see how 7 GB could be any problematic.


Very much this. Kek.

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Devs: Care for the community by making frequent updates and even decreasing the game size in the last one.

Community: Too many updates! Too large! REEEE

Seems a reasonable complaint by me…


Age of Mythology we have to wait years to get a single update lol.

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This thread it’s non-sense. Please some moderator should close it. Thank you!.


It’s more that the OP’s situation is quite particular and probably doesn’t concern the immense majority of the playerbase. So while it’s not nonsense, it’s likely to be ignored anyway.

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Also (for OP), it is not necessary that all 4 people have to download the entire update. Only one has to download and then copy-paste the entire folder into the other computers. It is a feature that Steam has since ages.


And yet, it still constantly crashes on me…on 3 different computers. I am so tired of fighting with this game to make it stable…you think all these updates would actually fix something!

I dunno if this post is a joke or what. I mean the fact that the devs CONTINUALLY patch and update the game based on feedback from the community, that is just great all around. I dunno what are you complaining about with a game being supported this good.

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The attitude that made them put so much effort and love in their game is in fact the way a defenitive edition should be handled!

The developers here are setting a standard for how to make a remaster! And some guys are still complaining. go figure!

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That is pretty unique problem to have. Mostly people complain because games get abandoned too fast… Still, I don’t mind, but then again, I have fast internet and more than enough storage on my PC. And same goes for friends. Still, I rather see game getting frequent updates, than anything more than bugfix being relegated to paid DLC. And I always keep my games up to date.

Why this conclusion? Doesn’t make sense to me.