Updating classic civs?

Not even compared to the DE civilizations that some people think go too far, but compared to civs as far back as The Forgotten a decade or so ago a lot of the AOE2 civs feel a little drab in their unique aspects

I think it would be fun to take the most bland part of classic civs and change them as an excuse to update their feel slightly
Japanese team bonus for larger boat LOS exchanged out for a team bonus to train the ninja infantry unit at the barracks, with high speed, low attack, and a massive attack bonus vs vils
Mongol’s unique tech nomads changes to giving you population cap housing once you research it and is more expensive

I realize in practice this might infuriate longtime players so I’m not saying this should happen I just think it’d be neat

Yes it would be nice to see new tweaks on the classic civs. I really hope FE gave each civ a unique economic bonus while revising situational techs such as Madrasah and Paper Money to better alternatives.

On the contrary, teh classic AoC civs are regularly still the strongest, and the opnes on the top 5.

All the DE civs are on teh weaker side of the power level curve.

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it would be hard to update a lot of the classic civs because they are largely strong as is (Chinese, Mayans, Aztecs, Vikings, Huns, Britons, Franks, Celts, Mongols). obviously there are some more middle of the road or low end civs that could see tweaks but even some of those would require minor tweaks at best (Byzantines, Japanese, Persians, Teutons, Turks, Koreans and Spanish). and were talking really minor for them.

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I’ll point out that compared to their AoK version, Teutons is a very different civ now. So that one has been completely updated since then.

I actually wonder if the OP is after flavor more than power balance. The challenge with that is that the Age of Kings civilizations set the flavor for the game, which is precisely why the OP may see the original civilizations as bland. These civilizations have received updates, and do feel different from their original state. The very fact that Britons do not have Hussars is felt, even if they can get by on Light Cavalry.

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Basically, it’s taking weak or situational unique techs/units/bonuses and changing them out for something else situational but cool

The Ninjas would be fast but the idea is that they’d do so little to anything that isn’t villagers as to lose take 20 or so to lose to a single militia line unit of comparable age, never be able to break walls, etc. (It would also have the added bonus of giving Siege Towers a niche use). I also don’t think they should be available in Feudal as that would be too powerful of a rush even if expensive.
Same with the Mongols updated nomads, it would be paying food and gold or maybe wood and gold for something the Huns have by default when you have maybe 80-100 population already so it’s basically houses for the last stretch of the game you don’t have to worry about.

Now that the trilogy is finished, do we get the prequel now Kappa