Upgrade for super late game to make all civ viable


A lot of players play black forest, michi game, amazon and like long game.
In this kind of very long game a lot of civ are not viable.
It could be great to have an expansive tech in castle to make them viable.

For example astec is good civ and it shine around 30 or 40 minutes but in long game it’s a suicide to play with them.
If there is an expansive upgrade in the castle (for example 2000F and 1000G) to unlock Halberdier it would make the civ viable and people who like long game could play this civ. It won’t make it a great one for long game but make it fun to play. A few civ need a kind of boost.

The purpose to this upgrade is to have no impact in classic games. The upgrade would be like a Wonder or spy.

It’s a strategy game, Aztecs being worse in the late-game is a fundemental component of their strategic being. Not all civs need to be good at every stage of the game.

Guys you have to stop fixing the game into a flat line of symmetry, that’s not how strategy game work.


I appreciate the idea, but I think @AllergicTable49 is right. Part of what you’re doing when picking a civ is picking a power spike. Picking an early game civ means you get the early game power at the cost of late game power. Your proposal may have the effect of minimizing the “cost” that comes from choosing an early civ, and that would throw off the overall civ balance.


The already known idea of give Wonders an special effect, or a new UT could be oriented on this feature, BUT I don`t see the problem with do it optional and only for lobby games… Could be funny


What about using the “full tech tree” option ?


Uh Aztecs have 95 HP monks and siege onager so that’s not like they become useless in late game, you just need to ask your teammates to help with their halberdiers and that’s all.

I came here to say the same thing. Sounds like they just want full tech tree

Full tech remove bonuses