Upon player disconnection.. Countdown timer/pause/I'm Ready/start/or resign automatically if no reconnection

Upon disconnection, and the game detects it, automatically pause the game and have an in-game timer countdown how long the disconnected player has to rejoin before the win automatically goes to the connected players (provided no other person is on the team of the disconnected player) if on a team of other players let it simply be a period of time where the player may still reconnect before the game boots the player’s ID as a resignation.

I suggest up to 5 minutes, which is more than enough time.
And upon the player rejoining, ensure everyone is able to select an “I’m ready” selection to ensure no one is afk.

If all players choose to skip, including teammates, that is an option to add as well provided the opponent is given at least 2 minutes to reconnect.

Successful Reconnection attempts limited to 2-5 times per game if the player completely disconnects - this does not apply to short disconnects where the player never really has the game crash or disconnect for under a minute

This has the possibility of abuse, so refinement prior to release is necessary.

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sound like the reconnect method like AOK. Not sure whether it works in DE or not

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they really need to allow reconnect to an ongoing game after crash/desync just like they had in dota. not sure if engine would allow it but definitely need a rewrite on a bunch of stuff.

game desync and crashes so mcuh especially when lags, this is a much needed feature.