Uprising of the Five Barbarians - New Campaign from Forgotten Empires Designer!

Just letting everyone know that I’ve put together my second release for AoE:DE, a 3 scenario campaign set during the Uprising of the Five Barbarians period of Chinese history. My focus was on interesting gameplay and objectives set against relatively short scenarios so if you don’t usually have time for longer scenarios, be sure to check this campaign out! Link to Download Here!

About the Scenario
In the 4th century AD, the Jin dynasty was in turmoil. Ruled by a weak Emperor, China was torn apart by jealous and ambitious princes competing for power and influence. Into this fractured empire came the Five Barbarians, fearsome tribes from the northern steppes. While the Goths and Vandals toppled Rome on the other side of the world, the Five Barbarians would make their mark on history by conquering the Middle Kingdom.

In Uprising of the Five Barbarians , play across three short scenarios that bring the fall of an empire to life! Featuring unique objectives and a fascinating historical narrative.

Link to Download Here!

About the Author
The author is a campaign designer on the Forgotten Empires team, where he made official campaigns for both Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires II: HD Edition. He is also a prolific custom campaign designer with over a dozen releases totaling over 146,000 unique downloads.


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