Upside Down Challenges EZ Unlock

This Mod is intended to make it extremely easy to pass the Event Challenges.

Disclaimer: If you find that this takes the fun out of everything, this Mod is not for you.

For each event, open a skirmish vs one AI, Infinite resources, All Visible, pick the appropriate Civ, and the starting Age required(if any).

After each challenge is completed, resign from game, and load it again when the next challenge becomes available.

  1. Capture 5 Relics

  2. Defeat 50 spearmen with Paladins

  3. Defeat 10 units with Petards

  4. Build 3 Markets in a single match

  5. Defeat 30 skirmishers with Cav archers.

Stay subbed so you’ll be ready for the next event! We are at


Subscribed on-line on the AoE2-DE website to DMg’s MOD, Challenges EZ Unlock. Launched AoE2-DE.

The subscribed Mod, Challenge EZ Unlock by DMG Halt did not show in game’s list of mods. Only {UpsideDown}Main Menu was in the list for this challenge.

What TITLE should this Mod show ?

Exited AoE2 & Re-launched.

Ran game anyway - the 5 Relics Challenge was successfully recognized.

Resigned game & 5-Relic Challenge was checked off.

Now game shows {UpsideDown}Main Menu & {UpsideDown}Monk Cart …

BUT still no Challenge EZ Unlock ??