Urami too strong

They cost only 750 food for 9 and my units couldnt kill them and they literally instant killed my entire army.

How is it not a heavy infantry? Heck revolutionaries are heavy infantry but hit like a bag of patatoes. Only unit that really counters them is artillery but when they are massed enough that doenst matter.

Cavalry counters them, they are essentially skirmishers with lower range and aoe.


Well, yeah, that’s pretty much it
I was vs a guy that didn’t get that in the entire game, he kept sending urumi vs my Spanish lancers and he just ran out of resources :stuck_out_tongue:

I see you tried a revolt to survive a urumi mass, BIG MISTAKE, that’s heavy infantry (Revolutionary) vs light infantry (Urumi), that’s a counter against you.

Btw, do Urumi make ranged damage up close? I think that’s the icon that shows up on their stats, weird right? hahah

I don’t think they are too strong. You can still build cavalry and artillery to counter them, and they still need cards and resources.


They’re Melee skirmishers with splash, the classic game was pretty obvious that Gurkas were just an afterthought by the developers (there was no gurka shipment in the original game).

Consider how much india actually needs them…they don’t have Artilery that helps vs units…China has flamers and Japan has flaming arrows, and you need royal green jackets for giving gurkas counter-infantry rifling.

Just making Hussars they wreck them.


they are melee skirmishers that get wrecked by cavalry and artillery. Urumi struggle vs falconets as they deal ranged damage vs 75% ranged resistance and receive 300 damage a shot from 26 range.


Uruimi fall to 2 main weaknesses, artillery, and cav, also if you have a skirm you can kite them.

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Yeah I take back what I said, I was a bit confused when looking at the unit it seems like a heavy infantry, didnt even know they did range damage.


They are essentially a compensation for not having a falconet,

They can snare,
have 5 speed,
1 area Damage
do range damage

But the thing that makes them deadly is :

Fastest Rate of fire in the game i.e. of 1 Rate of Fire.

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9 urumis are tooooo few urumis. They should buff that shipment for treaty if that means more cost (nerf for sup)

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Urumi are strong when you pop them out of the fort on top of the enemy otherwise they aren’t anything special unless you let your opponent do a fast industrial and spam age 4 urumi but that is your fault for misplaying.

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I know you are just trolling, but I’m gald you get the gist of how counters and balance works.

It’s good to learn the unit type and counter first. Too many jump to conclusion that a unit is OP because they couldn’t kill it because they assumed it was a HI/LI etc.

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Well Urumi is a very specific unit, which isnt obvious. A unit which looks like to have a shield and some kind of melee weapon doesnt give me skirmisher vibes.

When you almost never encounter them and in the midst of a match like 50 come towards you you do what your instinct tells you what kind of unit it is.

For tjat reason you should take a few seconds to check its tags and bonuses

Its tag doesnt say light infantry. It only says infantry and melee infantry. So my instinct then is to make skirmishers.

haha well Just to add on that , that weapon itself is called :

  • Urumi : Flexible whip sword/blade , believed n said to to able to hit 9 persons in a single blow.

But the

  • Unit is called: Urumi Swordsmen

Its derived from Oldest Martial Arts Discipline :

  • Kalaripayattu : Commonly referred as the Original martial art as it inspired the moves in kung-fu and other martial arts

Just a small glimpse I found at end of this Video:

This one is better:

Damn its so cool lol , I want that weapon :

Yeah, unique units can be hard to play against the first time. But the bonus and multipliers are given, so it shouldn’t take long to figure out a counter. But surprises like these are part of the charm of aoe3. Hope you are not too annoyed with it. You should look up more unique units like these.

Jaguar Prowl Knights - is a heavy inf, but counters other heavy inf and cav.
Urumi - is actually a melee skirm
Yamabushi Clubs - are pikemen with range resist, so can tank a lot of range fire
Flamethrowers - are actually range infantry and not artillery!
Cheyenne Riders - are actually melee goon

There are many more funky units like this.